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Jafira Triras Sunstrike -Veltraz Sivala Skyburn -Koragus Nivano Nightwind

The Dragons:
I wrote the first story about my dragons a  year ago but I had the idea long before that. here's how it started. I had always liked dragons and was going to write the story about three of them but they needed names it took awhile but I came up with these names at different points. Their names were Jafira sunstrike, Koragus nightwind, and Veltraz skyburn next I  drew them until they were perfect lastly I wrote the story about them in their valley called Tycosa or Colosa on a world called Terraset.


My Dragon's Profiles 

Koragus Nivano Nightwind:

Jafira Trias Sunstrike:

Veltraz Sivala Skyburn:

And now for those wishing to know more of our homeland read the Tycosian Almanac.

The Tycosian/Arconian Almanac.

I probably should have placed this in the dragon info. section but thought it would get more views here.

About The Tycosian Dragons.


I thought while I was writing my stories I might as well try my hand at poetry I don't think it's very good but I'll get better.

Click here to see the Poetry page.


And Finally To Read The Stories click the links below warning some of them are pretty long.


The Legend of king Wakaris.
The first story of the Tycosian Saga. This is a short story, The journal of the great explorer Gerris from Arconia it tells the discovery of Tycosa.

The Tycosian Chronicles

above is the Prequel to my first story.(Korageths story Below.) It takes place 200 years earlier and explains some of the history of Tycosa.

The Battle for Tycosa is my favorite it was the first story I ever wrote, it is  about Koragus and it explains how my three dragons met and who they were.


This is Jafira's short story about some adventures he had when he was younger it doesn't have much to do with the story, - ten years before the battle for Tycosa this is Jafira's story


Many years before the battle of Tycosa this is the story of the world outside Tycosa the land of Araconis in this story a young silver dragon Tyrakus draclow is banished from his clan for plotting to attack the humans of Arconia.

The Exodus!

The story of how Veltraz and Tyraku traveled with the Sycala clan to escape Arconia and find a peaceful land to live in. This story takes place about fifty six years before Korageths story

The Clan Wars!

An unfinished story, From the legends of Tycosa this attempts to explain the disappearence of the other dragons that once inhabited Tycosa.