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(Some people may not know what this is if you don't know just ignore it.)

DC2.D Gm L W T Pf Sks Cbk Bfl A Fr--- Nm M O H++ $ F~c/j R++ Ac+ J+ S+ U+ I- V Q+ Tc+ E? Df

Dw= western dragon (species)
Gm= male (gender)
L= average (length)
W= normal (width)
T= normal (weight)
Cbk= black (color)
Bfl= flame or fire (breath)
A-= young adult (age)
Fr---= lurking (social)
Nm= mountains (habitat)
M= single (mating status)
H+++= large (hoard)
F++= eat a lot (diet)
R+++!= real (how real)
Ac+= 2 hours a day. (Online)
J++= laughing is fun (humor)
S+= I told (secrecy)
U+= past lives (not sure)
I-= not irritable (irritability)
V++= strong magic (magic)
Q+ = limited ability (psy)
Tc+= operates vcr (technology)

If there ever was an apparition of evil to strike terror into the hearts of man and beast, your inner dragon is it. Blackies are a fairly common dragon and are considered one of two harmonious dragons, Your antithesis is the white dragon. Together, you two embody the Yin and Yang concept of eastern religions.

But of course being a blackie on the inside you couldn't care less about that religion garbage. You like to chomp things, cause trouble, make off with others significant others, and so on and so forth. Your favorable attributes are night, the moon, the stars, dreams, psychic guidance, balancing karma, seeking truth, and helpful dark magic. Everyone's still got to watch out for you though because deep down you like to smite at random and have a nasty breath weapon combination of fire and acid.*evil grin* fun no?

Draconity Purity Test:
You answered yes to 78 of 100 questions making you 22.0% draconity pure. (78%) draconity corrupt that is you are 22.0%pure in the draconity domain (you have 78.0% dragon in you.)
According to the scoring guide your draconity experience level is dragon minus the scales.

About The Dragon Rants: The Dragon rants section are a few pages where my dragons just talk about whatever is on there minds it is sort of funny but at other times just gets kind of crazy there is a nonsense section and a dracology section.

(Click Here To Read The Dragon's Rants!)

My Dragons:

Koragus Nivano Nightwind: Dark Dragon

Jafira Triras Sunstrike: Green Dragon

Veltraz Sivala Skyburn: Yellow Dragon

I like dragons

I'm not crazy and I am not alone.