Page Six: Links, E-mail and Contact Information.

If you would like to talk to me about Dragons, Anime, Videogames, or Anything else feel free to contact me.

(Somebody contact me I'm bored and I need more friends.)

You can E-mail questions comments or suggestions to Jafira or my old E mail-

Or Instant Message me with AIM my screen-name is Jafira 1 or try my alternate Gamerlord4,

(Two computers two screen-names two E-mails to much confusion!)

Suggested Web sites:

Dragon sites: = Dragon resources & Directory. =
An art site that was recommended. = One of the best dragon sites lots of links.
= The study of dracology & a forum. = A large dragon community. = A dragon themed web comic.

Fun places: = Stories and comics.
= Web-comic directory.
= Video game music. = 8-bit theater an FF comic. = Everything Anime! = A flash comic very funny.

Other: = Dragoncon sci-fi and fantasy convention. = Need help on a video game? Go here. = Paranormal Stuff kind of interesting.

My Friends Sites:
Horror Home
= ( Horror movie stuff! Pictures and a few stories)
Hidden Palace Zone = (A site for gamers A Kirby Shrine, Some fanfics, and a voice acting contest- unfortunatly its currently down.)

I'm sorry the banner below doesn't work at this time.

(Argh! why doesn't it work I hate computers!)


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