Page 1: About me (I'm weird!)

About Me:
Self Proclaimed Title: I'm the great Gamerlord fear me pitiful mortals!
Likes: Hiking, playing video games, and I'm obsessed with Dragons.
 not to many dislikes.
Favorite Color:
Favorite Music: Anime and Videogame soundtracks
Favorite TV Shows:
Dragon Drive
Favorite Video Game:
Secret of Mana!  

More About Me:

 My names Kris I live in Arizona in the middle of no-where and I like dragons, There's not much to do around here so all I do is write stories and play video games. I've written seven stories many poems and have created tons of poorly drawn pic's of dragons. I also collect alot of stuff and I try to draw sometimes and  I also watch alot of anime. I spend most of my time with my friends and playing games when I'm not with my friends you can find me In my room playing video games, walking in the desert or hiking up the mountains where there's a cave I hang out in. This stuff doesn't really describe me does it? well how about this I am fun to be around I'm fun to talk to and I am completely nut's which in turn makes me weird which is a bad thing so the less I talk about my self the better.^_^

About My Friends:

I don't have many friends I try to find people who share an interest with me such as dragons, video games, card games, writing, or drawing.

(I dress funny act funny and carry a big sword would you be my friend? : )

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My current friends are as fellows:

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