Page 3: My collections

( I brag because I can who else has this stuff! Behold my drakonic hoard!)

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Suggested Stuff:

Here are some suggested things for dragon lovers and gamers too I guess.

Click Here to see the Dragon Reviews for Games, Books and Movies containing Dragons.

My Collections:

I collect lots of stuff here is a brief summary of some of my collections.

1. Pinball Machine: Atari Pinball machine Title: Middle Earth. (Why go to an arcade when I can make my own?)

2. Card Collections: 5th addition magic cards. Full set first addition guardians card game. Large collections of X-files Starwars, Yu gi oh cards, Startrek, Pokemon, DragonballZ, Digimon, and Monster rancher cards. (I have more cards then anything else)

3. Video Games:  42 Nes games, 36 Snes games, 14 N64 games, 28 PS1 games, 6 PS2 games, 3 gamecube games. I have collected all the greatest Rpg games for the systems I own including ChronoTrigger ChronoCross Final Fantasy 4, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, Secret of mana, Legend of mana, My collection totals over 160 games. (Too many games I think I have a problem! 0_0)

4. Weaponry: I have 3 swords (I have 2 two handed swords and one katana sword) four daggers, two tomahawks, one machete, one claw tiped staff, three knives, one throwing star and a crossbow. (Big Swords = Happy!)

5. Pets: I have three birds 1: A blue & gold macaw 2: A blue fronted Amazon. 3: An African grey in addition to four horses one mule a great Dane and a little dog one cat two kittens and an albino Python. (I train them to chase people!)

6. Music: My music I dislike most music with lyrics and my music collection consists mainly of non-vocal music and on occasion some Japanese tracks I have 37 CDs consisting mostly of Videogame music and several sound tracks to popular anime.

7. Books: My library is also quite large when I was younger I collected the whole Goosebumps series books 1-50 fearstreet books 1-23 animorphs books 1-24 a bunch ton of wierd horror and mystery storys and 19 books relating to dragons the newest being the dragon chronicles I also have non-fiction books I have An Encyclopedia collection, A brief history of time by Steven hawking, search for Atlantis by Charles Berlitz, the Bermuda triangle by Charles Berlitz and many books on crpytozoology in addition to occult and paranormal studies. (why did I read that stuff!?)

8. Dragons: I have collected 8 dragon statues plus A large dragon Statue holding a lit crystal ball in it's claw, 19 dragon books, 4 dragon movies, 2 dragon pictures, (artwork) 3 posters, 1 dragon calendar, 6 dragon based games, 8 dragon shirts, 10 dragon necklaces, and episodes 1-20 of dragondrive anime. (I have a dragon problem you say? *laughs* I am a dragon!)

About my Bus: (Translation: Kris has nothing relevant to talk about.)

About a year ago my family bought this bus. On the outside it's a bus on the inside its a motor home complete with two beds, three rotating chairs, new carpet, bathroom, closet, kitchen with built in microwave, three refrigerators, a TV a stereo system and the bus runs fine.-- I found a picture there it is looks like junk but it's a mansion on the inside.

(If you have read to the bottom of this page then you have to much free time! That's  a good thing celebrate go get yourself a drink! ^_^ )