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My site was originally a school project of five pages, I later took it and converted it into a website for my stories and dragons. It eventually became very unorganized. I will someday create a new design but until I can revamp the site I am creating this page as a map to describe each area and section.

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The Friends Section- Here you can find information about me in the real world.

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The Art Gallery - I must admit that I can not draw, but hey I can't let that stop me can I?

Stories and Peotry -   (This is the best part of my site!)

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Here is were I put the complete and total trash! There should be a pointless quote page and a weird flashpage that I built as a school project.

(And thus from its humble beginnings as a five page school project. I transform this into a hilarious schizophrenic site about the dragons I draw and write about everyday!)