Welcome to my Lair!

 I have finished my site! Now, I want to make it a community! I want this site to be fun and useful! Dragon Information, Mythology, and Theories, for those who seek them but also fun stuff, like the dragon rants and the stupid stories, I also want dragon Art and literature for those who like it!

Basically I want something for everyone! The point of this site is to be entertaining so have fun!



WHAT'S NEW - Updates and information! Find out what's new at Jafira's lair!

(Technically no longer updated as the news is on the main page..)

DRAGONS VALLEY-A DRAGON COMMUNITY: A dragon community that I recently constructed, it offers a variety of features including: member journals, forum, chat, dracopedia, draconity FAQ, downloads, and much much more, feel free to check it out, help us grow!

DRACOPEDIA - This section contains brief descriptions of dragons from around the world. Listed in alphabetical order, sources provided. I will attempt to add more as I gain new resources and Info.

DRAGON INFO - Forever incomplete this section will grow as I learn more. It contains information on dragons in myths and legends. I will update it every so often. At current I have recently added a Dracopedia section.

DRAGON SPIRITUALITY. - This section is designed to discuss ideas, concepts and speculations regarding the idea of otherkinsm. In as such, it is controversial. If you happen to be hypersensitive concerning outside beliefs or are firm and biased in other philosophies, don't bother reading this stuff if you are likely to be offended.

MY DRACONITY- A section explaining my draconity and beliefs, introducing my past dragon "guardians" as well as what I know about my prior incarnation Korageth, a good warning, its quite a long read.

CHAT ROOM - A java based chat room, There are presently two links, one for Dragons Valley and one for here.

THE STORIES - Visit the world of Tycosa and read some of my stories. I currently have several stories some of which are the Tycosa saga and some for the Arconia saga. There are also some poems, as well as a story project made by me and some offline friends.

THE ARTWORK - It's true that my artwork isn't very good but some people might still like it! Take a look around and check it out.

THE FEATURED ART - This was probably doomed from the start, seeing as how I don't have the html skills to make it work, But.. I'll give it a shot --> If you have any artwork which you would like displayed on the main page email it to me and it'll put it up until a new picture comes in. (Canceled)

THE DRAGON RANTS - This section now contains a few rants and opinions on issues related to dragons and some social issues.

THE TYCOSIAN ALMANAC - A section explaining relevant characters or landmarks in my stories.

TYCOSIAN DRAGONS - This section gives information on the dragons from my perceived spirituality.

TYCOSIAN LANGUAGE - View the language used by the people of Tycosa.

DRAGON MEDIA - I was bored! Very bored! So I took all the dragon related media I could find in my room and I wrote what a little about it. This section contains dragons in media such as books, movies, anime's, and video games.(Canceled)

ABOUT ME - Why would anyone care about me?! Go read the stories or something! Sheesh! Anyway, yeah I have a needlessly long bio of me, pictures of me and so forth. You will also find Skyla's section, and an obsolete site FAQ within this category.

MISCELLANEOUS - Some discussions with my dragons, my dragon collections, some spiritual experimentation, paranormal phenomena, some quotes, some metaphysical stuff and some other trash I don't like.

GUEST BOOK- - If your bored or have some free time feel free to check out or sign my guest book.

THE LINKS - Links to everything Draconic! Also a little non-draconic junk my friends convinced me to add.

LIVE JOURNAL - A link to Jafira's Live Journal, however, I only update it twice a year or so at this time.

CONTACT INFO. - Pretty self explanatory, this page contains my contact information, feel free to contact me if you want to talk anything, I'm usually available to speak when I'm online.





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