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This page consists of both Jafira's and Kyrla's artwork.

Please keep in mind that we are both Amateur artists, the artwork may be considered pretty primitive by some.



Dragon Art


Jafira's Artwork Section

This gallery consists primarily of my (Best) artwork, the majority of which was hand drawn and toyed with in photoshop. I do not often mess with art as I consider myself more of a writer, but I may add more in the future. Most of the picture's consist of profile views of my dragons.



Dragon Requests, GiftArt and Comissions

This section consists of Gift Art and Commissioned works, in as such, I did not create them personally, and take no credit for their creation, the art within generally will consist of requests of dragons.


Kyrla's Colored Dragons

This section consists solely of Kyrla's colored artwork, she is a beginning artist, but I believe that her dragons are quite cute. More artwork of hers will be added as she progresses and gets better.


Kyrla's Dragon sketches

This gallery also consists of Kyrla's artwork, however it only contains non colored dragon sketches.



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