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Jafira Triras---Veltra Sivala---Korageth Nivano---Rashau Seriana

This link leads to a brief essay summarizing my philosophy and justifications concerning my personal interpretation of my spirituality in regards to the concept of Otherkinism, Draconity, and Reincarnation.

The essay deals mostly in new age and pagan spiritual beliefs, as well as my own personal speculations in regards to the workings of the physical and spiritual planes in which we all manifest. Also included are links to similar groups.


This link leads to a much longer essay detailing the history of my awakening, perceptions of my draconity, the growth I had obtained therein, and were I stand in regards to my present journey, it details the origins of my literature, my "dragons" and how my personal journey through otherkinism and draconity has effected me throughout life.

The essay may omit some aspects of my spirituality, as that which I am still learning from, or that which is as yet not wholly determined, may come in later writing.


  Explanation of Korageth:

I perceive myself as having possibly existed in a prior lifetime as a feral black dragon, western in style and form. Simple with no absolutes, only perception based off subjective spiritual and emotional experiences. Could be, might not be, who knows, but its what I identify with. I call this dragon Korageth.

I perceive that I once existed or incarnated as a nomadic dragon. The name Korageth has its origin in that a humaniod wolf referred to me as such in a recurring dream from my youth, shortly before both I and the wolf were slain. That dream is an integral and emotional segment to my belief and exists as my percieved demise.

In result of those dreams, I perceive that I, in that existence was slain one night, outside of a ruined building made of brick, this large building alongside surrounding lesser ruins was located on a plain outside of a forested area and was surrounded by grassy fields, there seemed to be a lake a short distance away from these structures, it was in this area that I believe Kora lived and later died. After my perceive death as this dragon, I feel that I was reborn to Earth in this human incarnation with a form of spiritual amnesia.

Around the age of eight or nine I believe that I began to regain some possible memories, through dreams, flashbacks, visions and meditation, as well as nothing more then an inner knowing, I slowly began to remember this prior draconic existence.

My spirit knew what it once was even if my form did not, false limbs at times would make their presence known, phantom wings, tail, horns and spines, and in time I had awakened to, and accepted the fact that I was somehow very different from my peers atleast on a spiritual level.

The Tycosian Dragons:

Years later in my mid teens and after a near fatal accident these perceived flashbacks and memories would begin to occur in much greater detail and much more often, as well my mental consciousness and perceptions began to seem segmented.

This reached a climax in early 2001 with the appearance of two sentient dragon persona's Jafira, a green dragon, and Veltra, a yellow dragon. This combined with Korageth, left me with three perceived dragon identities, whom I collectively referred to as the Tycosian Dragons.

These segments of my consciousness were perceived as dragon spirits (Jafira and Veltra) but they were more honestly aspects of my current identity and personality percieved as dragons.

These two additional false conciousness's or guides, were possibly based off memories of other dragons which might have been met during the perceived existence as Korageth.

(I as the dragon Korageth had likely met other dragons in the prior lifetime, the possible memories of these dragons had merged with aspects of my own human consciousness, they in turn perhaps dissociated from my mind and became aware within me as sentient persona's, that or I was just a confused teen with imaginary friends, eitheer way, they were a blessing at the time.)

These false consciousness' allowed me to learn more of who I am, and when I had reached a greater level of understanding these segments rejoined my consciousness as a whole. Psychologically, this concept is similar to traits from multiple dissociative disorder.

Although my true spiritual identity in regards to reincarnation, is and has always been the dragon Korageth, I have chosen to use the name of Jafira Dragon as my Internet identity as I personally consider the name to be more open and inviting.

Hatching of Rashau:

In late 2008, I entered into a meditative trance and allowed myself to type information on to a word document while in a state of mind "separate from my natural state of being." I went into this mindset to find some answers to questions concerning prior falsehoods in my perceived draconity, those falsehoods being that I had determined that my guides were false, and that Kora's perceived memories were mostly made up at the time, as well, as to gain incite regarding other fluffy beliefs in my spirituality and how to overcome and avoid such.

The end result of this controversial meditative trance was that I wrote a seven page essay answering the questions I had requested. However, the document continued on to accuse me of concealing a possible secondary incarnation due to a gender bias and social fears.

The document that I had written in trance accused me of denying evidence of a secondary awakening and incarnation, and petitioned that I reflect upon evidence from my childhood and teen years which would provide credence to the claim.

The document was then sent while still in the trance, to my mate and best friend under the grounds that I may destroy or deny such in a normal state of mind.

This directly lead to a year of personal turmoil, my false guides ceased to exist, and Korageth's memories and perceived life were rewritten and reinterpreted with more spiritual meditative accuracy, in as such, I had to reawaken to him as well as consider the evidence for the alternate female dragon existence.

Throughout that year Korageth remained and remains to this day my dominant spiritual identity or prior perceived incarnation, but that year also allowed me to accept the possible idea of the alternate or earlier existence of the female incarnation Rashau. Rashau will forever be unconfirmed but acknowledged, Korageth is and will always be my primary spirituality.

Later in 2009 while in the same trance state that I was in when her presence was proposed, I had written a story of Rashau's perceived life, exactly as it was claimed to have been lived through the writings of the trance mindset.

In as such, between 2008-2010 Rashau and Korageth both had "trance" stories written describing their existence's. Albeit without any proof and considering the altered state of mind it remains a matter of faith and both stories should be considered works of fiction and fantasy, just like any other story.


My perceived beliefs are very personal to me and obviously took me many years to form, in the creation of this site, one of my primary goals has been to help others through similar experiences, so that they may know like myself, that they are not alone.


For Information About My Dragons, Past and Present Click Here



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