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Suggested Web sites:

Dragon Sites


Circle of the dragon = A great site with mythology artwork, dragon discussions and other goodies. = One of the best Dragon sites! Info. and  links!

Draconity Resource Project. = A site consisting of resources concerning draconity. = An art site that was recommended.

Draconika = A dragon themed website with a large assortment of information.

Dragon Dreaming = A collection of information, illustrations, dreams, meditations, magic and metaphysics concerning dragons.

Dragon-realms Reborn = A recreation of the old Dragon Realms community that went off line a few years ago, so happy to see it reborn anew!

Dragon Sites

_______________________________ = An older site designed to be a community for dragons, features a link database, chat, find a dragon, and forum.

Tomorrow Lands = A site containing the musings and interests of Baxil, creator of the draconity faq.

Dragon Twilight = A dragon and otherkin themed Message Board which I have recently come across.

Scales and Fuzz = Another dragon and otherkin themed forum that I have recently stumbled across. = A Social networking site for dragonkin. = is presently one of the most active dragonkin discussion boards.

Everything Dragon = "A small, friendly community of dragon lovers, who use a Forum and a Chat to keep in touch with each other."

Other Useful Links


Tim Dawsons Dragon Tails Web Comic = This web comic, (alongside 2 the ranting gryphon) helped me survive my highschool & college years, I would read it religiously everyday and never missed a strip. #nostalgia...

The Art and Writings of Orion Sandstorm = A collection of Orion Sandstorms works including his art, writings, comic, profile and an interesting "Otherkin Timeline Project" = An otherkin resource site and directory. = Dragoncon sci-fi and fantasy convention.

TheriThere Webcomic = A Therianthrope themed comic which I was recently shown. = A resource site for people who percieve themselves to be otherkin or are interested in learning more.

Armaina's World = Homepage, galleries, and forum of local artist Armaina, "Silver Dragon Designs".






__________________________ = Rant Media, information and free thought, highly recommended. = Home of 2 The Ranting Gryphon, provides rants, and an internet web show 2-Sense. = Freaky Paranormal Stuff! I enjoy checking here once a week, it keeps life from becoming to mundane. = Video game music  Midi collection. = 8-bit theater a Final Fantasy themed comic. = A flash comic based off of the game Secret of Mana - very funny. = This site offers assorted Fantasy art , examples and tutorials! = A directory of resources and webcomics with a furry or anthropromorphic theme as the basis.






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