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This section contains my opinions and rants against social and cultural occurrences.



 Quick Introduction 

You know what!? There are a lot of things in this world that make me want to kick kittens with pure hateful rage, and although I could go on a tirade forever on each subject, I feel that it would be best to collect my rage at the world in one single omnipotent page of screaming apocalyptic doom! And this is said page.

:: Disclaimer: I am from a religious town and as a result, I have a lot of disdain for religious dogma, many of these rants may be against deeply held beliefs, I try my best to make it a point to target only the the hardcore fundamentalists of belief systems and not the moderates but please, if you are likely to be offended please do not read these rants.::


(This section was inspired by 2 The Ranting Gryphon and Sean Kennedy )


Arrogant Dragons

Written by Mojo-Lahojo, this rant is against those whom may choose to use their dragon beliefs to proclaim themselves superior to others.


People Against Dragon Paraphernalia

Due to religious persons within my life criticizing my choice of clothing and jewelry I was forced to create this particular rant as a form of venting, due to its age it may be grammatically flawed.


Dragons vs Religion I

This is an older rant written in addition to the above rant supporting dragon paraphernalia, once again, due to its age it will most likely be grammatically flawed.


Concerning lack of physical dragons.

This short rant was created in response to a forum post. The forum topic was "who is to blame for the lack of physical dragons?" I responded that ultimately the discussion would be fruitless and that blame was unnecessary.

My Beliefs

As I have written quite a few rants discriminating against religious views I feel it is important to provide some evidence that I am indeed a spiritual person, this rant lays out my beliefs and a little bit of what I believe in. Once again I am not against faith I am against hard core fundamentalists which I feel are destroying faith.


In the past I was adamantly against homosexuality, however I eventually did some soul searching and realized that the only reason I hated it was because everyone else around me hated it, to atone for my ignorance I have made it one of my missions to atone for my bigotry by exposing others and supporting this rights movement. Go Team!



It is a sad but true fact that I often listen to talk radio when I am at work, and time and time again I tend to get the sense that if a person doesn't agree whole heartedly with the actions of their government, regardless of success or failure they are somehow unpatriotic, that insinuation caused me to write this rant.


Religion in Schools.

Recently a law passed in my region permitting more freedom of religious expression in schools, I didn't see the need for such a bill, however one of my co-workers at the school I work at stated: "The world would be a better place if they never took God out of schools in the first place." I for one believe God was never removed from schools because that is an impossibility, I believe it is a myth that God was removed from schools and my argument is stated within this rant.

Homosexual Rights

Because darnit, I wasn't done! My last rant wasn't enough! I still had more to say in defense of those sick disgusting perverts! So if you still need more common sense, this rant will explain in words that you can understand just why you are wrong.


Evolution Rant I

I am a strong believer in science, it was once one of my childhood dreams to be a scientist when I grew up, I also believe in magic and faith, however I can't stand it when the two collide. This rant deals in the manner of Evolution vs, Creationism. I as you'd likely expect am bias towards evolution.



Evolution Rant II

Within this rant, I explain how I can still believe in magic and fairytales and also believe in the science of evolution. I explain in simple terms how the two intersect and why people should embrace both equally.


Fight Rant.

One of the major problems I have with today's society is that nobody stands for what they believe in anymore. I watch video's of the sixties with it's social uproar, read history lessons about revolts and uprisings, and then I wonder, with all the nonsense in today's world, how come nobody is an individual anymore, how come nobody stands up and fights anymore, this rant is about that.



This is a Rant concerning abortion, and how in my opinion the anti-abortion crowds appear to be doing it wrong.


Mini-Rant: The AFA

This is a Mini-Rant inspired by a spam chain letter from the offending site. It is against a right wing religious organization.


Social Agenda's

If you ever happen for any reason to defile your eyes by reading into conservative or religious news sources you will often find that any social movement that is against tradition or the old ways of society is suddenly a negative agenda no matter how beneficial it is! Blargh.


Global Warming

OMG! Global Warming is nothing more then a plot to destroy the worlds economy and regulate corporations into oblivion! Don't by the lie! Yeah right, screw that corporate fear mongering, the world and you, only stand to benefit from global warming prevention programs. If its good for the world, it is obviously good for you! That is why the powers that be deny it!

Over Obesity

I feel sorry for obese people, but frankly only they can change their life and state of affairs. Not any diet program or magic pill. This rant is my message to those who just so happen to be so obese as to burden their families and friends. Remember gluttony is a sin for a reason. Work to better yourselves I believe in you.


Mini-Rant: Gun Control

This is simply a mini-rant about my ignorant blood thirsty views on gun control. I personally feel that everyone should be armed, I have over twenty swords and a police taser, no guns however I support the right of the public to own guns, because if we don't defend ourselves who will?



Why Dragons?

This rant was simply the result of me getting upset by a family members comment implying that I was immature for not using my web site for financial gain. It pretty much consists of me rambling on and on about how they suck, and how my sites aren't for everyone.


Advice: For Those on Hard Times

This is not a rant, it is just a basic article written from experience of my own hard times, it is not meant to be aggressive, and is written to act as emotional support for those who may be going through hard times in their present life.



Emo Losers

This is the exact opposite of my superior and more helpful advice from "For Those on Hard Times" This one is meant as a last resort for those who simply dwell and drift through life in an endlessly depressed state.

A verbal smack to the head that nobody likes an "emo" "angst" or any of that other slang for our chronically depressed generation..



Global Jihad?

Just a basic rant, a crappy little freak out I wrote up in the past after subjecting myself to literature on conservative fears that Islam will destroy everything and everyone.

Although I do not deny that muslim extremism is a threat and thousands have died, I do point out, that all theologies have extremists and it is arrogant and dangerous to blanket statement an entire sect based on a dangerous miniority.




Meh, nothing, a poorely thought out and emotionally driven rampage brought about by my coming into contact with racist tagging, and gang activity within my vicinity.





Mini-Rant: The Dark Arts

Just another quick little mini-rant warning those that may think that the occult is nothing but a game or big joke. Pretty much I just state that if your going to experiment with such, I can't stop you, its fine really.

But seriously just don't go into such with arrogance, you are not a god, know your self, and what you are dealing with. Research and learn before you play with the unknown.



Debate Me?

As I am more or less a biased idiot hating of all things natural and moral. I tend to say a lot of stupid things that may be simply wrong. If that should happen to be the case, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss alternate views, you may change my mind and I will correct any mistakes. I know that if I do not listen to opposing views I will never grow or learn.


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