Dragon Spirituality, Otherkinism and Speculation

This section is designed to discuss ideas, concepts and speculations regarding the idea of otherkinsm. In as such, it is controversial.

If you happen to be hypersensitive concerning outside beliefs or are firm and biased in other philisophies, don't bother reading this stuff if you are likely to be offended.

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SECTION ONE: The Spirituality of Draconity/Otherkin

This is a good starting point for those trying to understand the concept of otherkin. This page deals with the basic spirituality aspects of otherkinism.

It is most like an introductory guide, or otherkin for dummies page. I hope that it can help in the long run.

Section 2: Social Implications of Draconity or Otherkinism

This page deals mostly with the obvious social implications of otherkinism, who to trust, what to do, how to go about such, do I tell my friends and family, am I insane, and so forth.

Although these questions are best determined on an individual basis, I do my best to provide some reasonable answers.

Section 3: Psychology of Draconity and Otherkin

This page deals with more in depth aspects of otherkin, the primary questions of are we insane, as well as questions such as how far is to far,

what could be considered normal for kin, what are the alternative explainations, alongside the idea of coping with foreign traits from prior incarnations, and so on.

This page contains snippets of conversations I have had with otherkin online, and quotes advice which I had given in such conversations.

As well as my own general views on a variety of subjects and concerns of otherkinsm, most learned from mine and others mistakes and experiences.

This page contains additional letters and short articles I or others have added to the guide over the years since it's initial writing.




  • "Draconity and Otherkin FAQ's, A place to start."
  • "What is otherkinism?"
  • "I have always been different"
  • "I have always been normal but feel different now, what is happening?"
  • "I have memories of being a dragon, or other being. "
  • "I don't have memories of being a dragon or whatever, but feel like such.."
  • "I know I am a dragon, or whatever, but have no memories."
  • Spiritual names and identity in regards to otherkinsim.
  • Theory on commonalities of otherkin forms
  • "Spiritual names and identity in regards to otherkinsim."
  • "Theory on commonalities of otherkin forms."
  • "Controversial incarnations and belief, spirit is energy, there is infinite potential."
  • Web Links and Online Resources for Dragonkin















  • "Should I tell my friends and family that I am a dragon or otherkin?"
  • "How can I reconcile this new aspect of myself with who I am?"
  • "I live in a religious family, or am a faithful person, how do I know I am not simply possessed?"
  • "A prayer tip for reconciling your present existence with the possibility of otherkinism for those who may actively participate in a strict religion or within a belief system that inherently disagrees with the idea of otherkinism."
  • "I want to relate to otherkin more, or have more dragon stuff, writings art, etcetera, but my family and friends would never accept such, what do I do?"
  • "Find your own path, your own truth, and make your own way."
  • "Responsibility of being dragonkin or otherkin."
  • "Otherkinism is not a game."



















  • "Being a dragon or otherkin.Traits that I have noted regarding otherkin."
  • "What are the warning signs that I may be taking this to far."
  • "Understanding of inherant humanity"
  • "A brief essay on otherkin memories."
  • "Homesick for old life."
  • "I have phantom limbs and crap, is this good or bad, normal or off?"
  • "Draconity, and the superiority complex, king of dragons, dragon god, etcetera, truth or ego?"
  • "Spiritual aspects of oneself manifesting through artistic expression prior to the manifesting in the heart and mind."
  • "The importance of nature and relaxation."
  • "The importance of art and creativity."
  • "I believe I have incarnated into many forms, and lives, dragons, dolphins, you name it, am I different?"
  • "Music and Otherkin."
  • "Otherkin Psychology, relating to the familiar, a calling for your kind."
  • "Channeling the draconic mind and body, a mental exercise for self affirmation and spiritual growth. "
  • "Psychological alternative to being otherkin. "
  • "DragonKin: A Healthy Skepticism"

-SUB Section-

  • "Head Mates, Gaurdians, Tulpa's & Disassociative Entities"
  • "So I happen to have some spirit guides / head mates?"
  • "Head mates, spirit guides, bonded souls and tuplamancing."
  • " Psychological and introspective alternatives to head mates."



  • "Regarding The Pursuit of Draconity and Otherkin Beliefs."
  • "Regarding Metaphysics."
  • "Regarding Life In General."
































  • "Am I Otherkin?"
  • "Can I be Otherkin if I have no memories?"
  • "Being Otherkin, It's okay to doubt"
  • "On Memories and past mates"
  • "Methods to Connect To Spirit"
  • "Otherkin Moderation - Personal Introspection"
  • "Otherkin Moderation#2 - Maintaining A Balanced View"
  • "Regarding Otherkin Shifting"
  • "Jafira's personal meditation method"
  • "Why I am skeptical of Fictionkin"
  • "Conclusion and Thanks "























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