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The Miscellaneous Section is allocated for pages which have been retired or fail to fall under any of the sites primary catagories.

Here you will find all the useless junk you crave. ^,=,^



Metaphysic Experimentation

*Mistakes were made, I have come a long way.

In the distant past I tried a variety of stupid, insane and impractical experiments to physically transform into a dragon (P-Shift) I do not believe in, or even condone such actions now days, It is a great waste of time and brings in to question ones psychology and motives.

Regardless, I would like to tell the story of my actions and the accompanying madness which resulted from my own experiments, so that others may see that there are consequences, as welll and more importantly that it will not work!

Contents Within:

A gallery of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP's,

A general explaination of events,

A journal of bizarre dreams which occurred during the time period,

Supporting photographs

A PDF journal of events for years 2000-2008 of the Spirit Circle Phenomena


More or less I created a database consisting of my entire life story alongside all my digital works and writings which I had accomplished or created over the past decade. Its my digital biography.

In the end it was just my own personal ego stroking, I need to be narcissistic on occasion in order to remind myself that I have not wasted my entire life sleeping or playing video games,

Contents by category:

  • “About Jafira Dragon”
  • “Jafira's Artwork”
  • “Jafira's Draconity Documents”
  • “Jafira's Dragon Research” (2003-2008)
  • “Jafira's Dream Journal” (2004-2008)
  • “Jafira's Fantasy Stories”
  • “Jafira's Humor Writings”
  • “Jafira's Photos”
  • “Jafira's Rants” (2004-2005)
  • “Jafira's Spirituality” (2005)
  • “Stick Man Flash Cartoons (2002)”
  • “Jafira's Fan Art and Commissions”

Jafira's Dragon Shrine (2007-2016)

This page contains galleries of all of my dragon related collections ranging from plushies, dvd's, games, statues, and shirts, as well as other assorted dragon goodies which I have collected over the years.

Last Updated May, 2016



Jafira's Pointless Rants

(These Rants were inspired By:

2 The Ranting Gryphon and Sean Kennedy )

These where written mostly around the American presidential election period of 2004 and leading into 2005. I would vent my social and political views and opinions in textual rants and post them publicly online.

Heading into the year 2012 and beyond, the rants have outlived their usefulness and have been moved to this section.


Site FAQ (of Doom!)

This is a long silly page of frequently asked questions (of Doom!) mostly it is just a bunch of outdated answers and information concerning the site..





Another old hold over from my original 2002 website, this is here only for posterity.

Sometime between 2001 - 2002 I thought that I would review some old dragon media such as dvd's, books, and games. In the end, I abandoned the project due to disinterest.



This, like most of the stuff on this page is another hold over from my original 2002 website, this is a page containing descriptions of all the different sections of my site. I eventually found it unnecessary and removed it from the main page.

Jafira's Dragon Quiz Results 

A selection of quizzes which I have found or participated in over the internet. My results are listed under the links to the tests.

About Kyrla

This page is dedicated to introducing my mate and partner on this site Kyrla, also known as Skyla Dragon.

  • Kyrla's Flash Profile
  • Kyrla's Contact Info
  • Kyrla's Deviant Art
  • Kyrla's Spirituality

Misc. Quotes and Random Junk

This is another hold over from my 2002 website.

Separated into short sections this page contains random quotes from the magic the Gathering Card Game, as well as quotes that I have either heard before or made up.





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