RANT: Agenda's

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:: Disclaimer: I am from a religious town and as a result, I have a lot of anger at religious dogma, many of these rants may be against deeply held beliefs, I try my best to make it a point to target only the the hardcore fundamentalists and not the moderates but please, if you are likely to be offended please do not read these rants.::

Rant: Agenda's

(By Jafira)

I would like to ask a simple question to a large segment of American society, how come anything that is socially new or different is suddenly regarded as a negative “Agenda” and these agenda's are more often or not for reasonable causes. To name a few I can recall hearing of the Feminist agenda, the black agenda, the homosexual agenda, the pagan agenda, the global warming agenda, the liberal agenda, and the environmentalist agenda, all of which are somehow proclaimed a threat to society. Somehow anything that is beneficial for a minority or for the world, is suddenly an agenda. You know what? In my opinion there is a corporate agenda to declare anything that helps the populace or the world, a threat.

You see, civil rights, mean paying minorities more money, which is bad, orientation rights mean paying homosexuals more money, which is bad, gender equality means paying more money, which is bad, protecting the environment means less land to sell which is bad, and reducing global warming means more money lost by avoiding pollutants, which is of course bad. It all goes back to the money, when you hear any beneficial campaign referred to as an agenda, I want you to think “corporate agenda” society is sadly a slave to the almighty dollar, and those who have the most money are corporations, those who stand to be harmed the most by societal changes and the collapse of old traditions are corporations! Not the individual!

Those in power will often try to make any beneficial change appear to be scary and threatening so as to frighten the public into staying sheep. I Jafira Dragon, hereby propose my “dragon agenda” of destroying and exposing corporate and traditionalist misinformation. Don't let anyone tell you that protecting the economy is more important then providing equal treatment to everyone, and most important of all protecting our planet for future generations!

Even if a reasonable societal change is, in some imaginary way bad for the economy, in my opinion the individual is infinitely more important then the almighty dollar, and any detrimental impact to an economy would likely be the result of corporate actions in the first place. There will always be readjustments in economies and the world will go on. Don't let anyone misinform you or try to frighten you with mythical fear mongering of “Agenda's” because they are simply doing it in honor of their own agenda! See through their fear and think for yourselves! You are not sheep, and what's good for this world is not money or tradition, it is change, environmentalism, equality and mutual respect for all!

~Jafira Dragon

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