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Welcome To My Home Page...

or even better-

Welcome to my Lair!


Welcome to my site on this page you can read my updates or go to the different sections of my site by using the above menu. This site was built mostly for fans of dragons if you don't believe in dragons or lack an open mind I suggest you assume I'm insane and leave now. Jafira's Lair has many stories, poetry, artwork and opinions on dragons! I also have a New Message Board The point of this site is to be entertaining so have fun!

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What's New:

(Saturday November 30 2003): Completed The New Design! - Last Monday ( November 25) at 2:00 A.M - While on a massive sugar fix and upset at my own lack of confidence I made my first true attempt to advertise Jafira's Lair.

The next morning I woke up And remembered why I don't advertise, then I spent the rest of the day panicking about the design. I decided the only way to fix the problem was to fulfill my promise for the long awaited revamp. And thus for the rest of the week I spent my time redesigning the site - and I'm happy with the end result! At least I'm not ashamed of the new version! But since I got rid of a lot of the art and removed the Hoard I decided to keep the old site available here for a little while longer.

(Sunday October 19 2003): Okay so here is what's new! Seeing as how I finally got the courage to start showing this place to a few people I started to think about the updates and got fed up with the old system. So rather then having many three line updates I've combined them into large updates that way I avoid clutter. And now for this one, I've been comparing my site to others and decided that I need to make some changes so maybe expect a new design someday soon. My other goals are to maybe get a livejournal, and I'm working on a page for info and theories on real dragons. Currently I've added a menu or directory page at the top of this one, and I have added a few new stories. Also in reality I may be getting a python tomorrow. Well that pretty much covers it all for now.

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This crazy site took almost four months to get finished so you people should like it!

Visitors since June 22 2003!