Dragon Movies
To avoid spoilers I try to only give bief discriptions.

(A list of Movies with dragons in them.)


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Dragon Movies

DragonHeart  *****

  This is possibly the most famous dragon movie with a very realistic dragon. It's about a dragon hunter named Bowen and a dragon known as Draco they join forces to battle Bowens old apprentice who is now a king and an evil tyrant. This is a great movie, in my opinion the best dragon movie there is any dragon lover will love to see this one.

Flight of Dragons  *****

  I saw this movie only once when I was younger it was on TV after a long search I have recently found it on dvd (Ebay) it is about a wizard who is trying to save magic, he transports a modernday dragon fanatic to the past to fight an evil wizard, this chosen one named Peter Dickinson is chosen due to his knowledge of both magic and science, he at some point gets merged with a dragon called Gorbage and things go from there.. This was an animated movie and apparently was based off of Gorden Dickinson's the dragon and the George as well as Peter Dickinsons book the Flight of Dragons. This is my favorite dragon themed movie, I view it in equal standing with Dragon-Heart in regards to quality.

Dragon Heart A new beginning  ***

When Geoff an orphaned stable boy discovers Drake the worlds last living dragon he realizes that his dream to become a knight can finally come true. Drake now free of his confinement tries to learn how to breath fire, fly and other things like that. This is the sequel to the movie Dragon heart. Unfortunately this movie appears to be made for younger audiences and in my opinion isn't as good as the first Dragon Heart.

Reign of Fire  ***

It is the year 2024 and Dragons have taken over our world! A group of surviving humans living in a tower team up with some American dragon hunters for one last strike against the dragons. This movie had very good detail on the dragons and they were very cool looking but the story and settings in my opinion weren't too good, too gray for one thing also the dragons appeared to look more like giant Wyverns but contradictory to my opinions my friends all loved the movie so It may be good may be bad just watch it and see for yourselves.

Dragon Slayer  ***

This appears to be an older movie, for it's time I guess the special effects aren't that bad. Basically this film is set in sixth century Britain, were a typical western fire breathing dragon is running around, the people hope an old wizard will slay it but he is killed and his apprentice takes up the task.  

Dungeons and Dragons  ***

An evil wizard seeks to conquer the world of Izmar by controlling the red dragons and over throwing a princess who also commands an army of dragons a group of adventurers- two thieves, a sorceress, an elf and a dwarf travel to stop the wizard from succeeding This movie has a lot of dragons in it, It even starts off with a dragon and towards the end there are alot of cinemas with dragons having battles and stuff so It's pretty good I guess. The detail on the dragons was pretty good but the storyline itself for some reason didn't catch my attention but then that's just me.  

Dragon World  ***

An other older movie, a kid finds a dragon egg, which later hatches, the kid and the dragon grow up together. Later in the future the dragon is captured and an amusement park (Dragonworld) is built revolving around it. The kid and a friend have to free the dragon and escape.  

Dragon Fighter  ***

  Well, this will be a short one, Dragon Fighter is about a team of scientists who clone a dragon in an underground facility, somehow this dragon magically grows up in a matter of minutes, tears the place apart, causes mass panic and hysteria escapes and causes more problems. The movie is guaranteed to feature lame CGI affects coupled with seventies styles film techniques such as continued use of split screens and views, lame re-use of the dragon moving down the same hall, flawed plotlines and lame dragon anatomy pic's easily obtained through a quick google search, I found the movie to be very unimpressive.

Pete's Dragon  ?

Would you believe me if I said I've never seen this movie? ... well I haven't. From what I can tell the movie is about real people, the dragon however is animated, I can't really say much else about it until I've had the opportunity to rent it / buy it or something.  







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