Dragon Anime
(A list of Anime's with dragons in them.)



Dragon Anime

Dragon Drive  ***** A+

  I got this series about two years ago before anyone even knew about them a friend of mine bought them off e-bay for me I have episodes 1-20. I now also have volumes 1-3 on dvd. - This is a dragon themed anime. It has good storylines good artwork and some areas seem to be computer generated. It's about a boy named Reji who is lazy and quits everything he does a friend of his Yukino Mijo takes him to an underground building were people are battling virtual dragons Reji gets his own dragon called Chibisuki which at first appears to be worthless but it has a hidden power, Reji and his friends later end up at an alternate reality were dragons are real, he and his friends must win a tournament to save both their worlds and return home. Think something like Digimon but with giant dragons!

  DragonHalf  ?

 I haven't seen this one yet only heard of it. It's an anime about a girl who's father is a human and mother is dragon. (just watched the first episode..-It's wierd o_0) Okay Update! I just watched the first two episodes, it's pretty funny not to much dragon stuff so far, the girl Mink has dragon wings and a tail, spends half the show chasing after a dragonslayer she's in love with, fights a bunch of people after her for silly reasons basically it's just wierd but I've only seen two shows so I can't really judge. 

Records of Lodoss War  ****

This is an anime that I have just started watching, it seemed to have a lot of dragons which I wasn't really expecting. anyways I had heard music from it and wanted to see it, recently I just saw episodes 1-8 on dvd my friend described it as a combination of lord of the rings and the anime called slayers (I having seen slayers strongly disagree.) but in this anime a warrior, a priest, a wizard, an elf, a dwarf and a thief are on a quest to save the land of Lodoss from an evil goddess. After watching it awhile longer I will add more.

Legend of the Dragon Kings  ****

  This is another dragon related anime that I have found recently. Let's see it appears to be a little old but it still has some good quality art and story hmm let's read the Description on the back.:  Based on the novels of Yoshi Tanaka Legend of the dragon kings follows the adventures of the Ryudo siblings, who live in the home they inherited from their grandfather, Soon the brothers begin to develop supernatural powers and discover that they come from a long line of dragon kings. As they grapple with this information. They are continually harassed by an unknown group of people. to get through these obstacles they must put their newly discovered powers to work.- I watched a lot of this anime and there was a lot of action in it also a little bit of humor!

Spirited Away  ****

  oops I sort of forgot about this one it's a movie but I'm putting it in the anime section. Basically it's about a girl named Chihiro who gets trapped in a world of spirits her parents are turned into pigs and she is forced to work at a bathhouse she is at first a weak person but she becomes stronger. This anime has an Eastern dragon that plays an important role in the storyline but I won't talk much about that for fear of spoiling stuff. If you have seen princess Mononoke spirited away was made by the same person.






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