Dragon Books
(A list of Books with information on dragons Fiction and none.)


Dragon Related books

Draconomicon ***

I just got this book. It's a dungeons and dragons monster manual. (I've never played D&D) I don't play d&d but I wanted the book so I went out and bought it. It has information on dragon physiology, life cycle, senses, flight, society, sizes, and the different types. It also has very good illustrations and explains in detail each type and it's environment. But you must keep in mind that its for a game and these dragons are fictional so any dragon information found in this book should be regarded only as theories if not complete fiction. Other information in this book- How to play a dragon character with statistics for all ten classic dragons with new feats, spells and magic items.

Dragonology ***

I'm not sure what to make of this book, It could be regarded as a dragon reference book but it has some fictional aspects mixed in. It has information on dragon Physiology and life cycles information on some species of dragons a little map showing their locations if also has some other good information. Yet at the same time it's a kids book with pop up's and fake dragon samples and ways to go dragon hunting. so I guess it could be considered a good dragon book for kids.

As an addition to this book, a smaller more compact version was created titled the Dracology handbook.

Dragons of Fantasy ****

Dragons of Fantasy is a compliation of examples and excerpts from famous fantasy authors such as JRR Tolkien, Ann Mc caffrey, Terry Prachet, and JK Rowling, the book discusses the uses of dragons in writing, and contains information of dragons in mythology, this book covers both the fantasical and mythological aspects of dragons and is a very useful book for any lover of dragons.

British Dragons ****

This book contains a large quantity of dragon legends from the British lore, it is a very indepth book containing great information for anyone hoping to learn about the historical role dragons had played in history. It contains information on how dragons affected day to day life in medieval Britain and the types of dragons that were thought to exist in that era.

The Flight of Dragons ****

A pretty old book and difficult to find but a book worth looking for. It explains theories on dragon flight, How dragons could've breathed fire, a dragons legs and wings, A dragons blood, and evolution. It also has theories on a dragons flight cavities and life cycle. The book Flight of Dragons also contains a list of dragon sighting over Britain, Techniques of dragon slaying, information on dragon hoards. and dragon speech, with evidence of dragons stemming from mythology and legends.

Dragons A Natural History *****

I've finally found a book about real dragons! I should admit that everything I know about dragons are my own opinions finally I can learn about dragons in mythology and legends this book was made by Karl Shucker and pretty much as said earlier it explains different types of dragon legends around the world. It has a little map of the world that shows all the locations where there are dragon legends it also talks about different types, most of the information in the dragon mythology section of my site came from this book.

The Dragon lovers Treasury of the fantastic  ****

  A collection of over twenty two dragon related stories by Author's like Anne McCaffrey Orson Scott Card Jane Yolen Roger Zelazny Gorden R Dickinson and many others I just got it recently and was real lucky to find this book.

A Diversity of Dragons  ****

  One of the few books I have by Anne Mc Caffrey it discusses dragons from her books some other books and also a few legends it has good illustrations and I loved it, unfortunately my copy was stolen and I can't remember much more about it but It was a very good book!

The Dragon Chronicles  ***

  I bought the dragon chronicles solely for the artwork this is A fictional book about a wizard and a group of warriors who are hunting dragons I don't like that there hunting dragons but it has some pretty good dragon illustrations and I guess some info on dragons too as it says on the back, "part adventure part encyclopedia" I haven't fully finished reading this  yet but it seems good so far. There is a map of a world and also some diagrams of dragon teeth and other parts.- When I have completed the book I will add more info on it.

The Dragon and the George  ***

The first book about dragons I ever read I originally bought it at a yard sale for the dragon on the cover and hadn't planned to read it but I did. it's about a college teacher called Jim Eckeret who gets sent to another world and is stuck in the body of a dragon named Gorbash.

Dragon Manga

Dragon Knights  ****

 Dragon Knights is a manga that means it originated in Japan and reads backwards that's kind of neat anyways about the story - An elf prince a Yokai warrior, a human thief and their dragons are on a quest to capture the head of the demon king Nadil and return it to their leader the dragonlord. Getting the head was easy it's getting back that's the problem. This manga was really funny! The dragon's are elemental and live in mystic swords there are three a fire dragon a water dragon and an earth dragon. The dragon called fire was my favorite probably because he is the only one that I noticed communicating. The artwork is also very good and the storyline is great needless to say I liked this manga a lot.






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