Dragon related  Videogames  
(A list of video games with dragons as the main theme.)




Dragon  Videogames

Drakengard *****

DrakenGard For Playstation 2- Just got it, Love it, not much more to say! Thus far this is one of the funnest dragon related games I've played. Couple things though, the story line confused me, it later breaks into alternate storylines (which also confused me..) The ground portion of the game is just button mashing slicing up hundreds of enemy soldiers. The highlight of the game (in my opinion) is the arieal battles using the dragon. The dragon evolves and changes as the story(s) progress's. The game was although not without flaw is pretty good. (stupid dragon looked more like a giant wyvern.- one of my peeves concerning dragons in games/anime/movies etc.)

Reign of Fire ****

Reign of Fire for Gamecube- This game allows the option to battle the humans as a Dragon! "But" you have to complete some human campaigns first. It also has a section of little special features for example, A trailer for the movie, some concept art and then what really caught my eye was a music video by A band called mad at gravity - Now I don't like most music but the video portion had a ton of dragons from the movie. Let's see what else, they added a few more dragon related creatures that weren't originally in the movie. and that's about it. The graphics were fair, the music could be better and the game play took a little while to get use to but otherwise I liked it.

Savage Skies  ****

  Three kingdoms are at war choose your allegiance, You can ride a variety of creatures including Dragons griffins Pegasus and other creatures, you must carryout missions destroy cities and protect your kingdom there is also a multiplayer mode. Let's see, there are three kingdoms which are the noble warriors of the Virtwyn. The mutated hive mind of the Chrysalis and the undead armies of the Pariah. The game has a little training mode to prepare you for battle which is always helpful. You start off with minor flying creatures and unlock the dragons and more powerful monsters as you progress through the game.

Dragonrage for Playstation 2  *****

  Similar to savage skies minus the battle mode. This is a game about a dragon called Kale he must fly around and defeat the orcs who have enslaved his follow dragons. So this game is completely dragon based you get to fly around and carryout missions destroy/burn the orcs bases and camps pretty much it's similar to savage skies and reign of fire but I like this one better then the others there are many different attacks and aerial moves you can do and all kinds of other neat stuff so yeah, in other words I liked it. The graphics were okay, the music was fine, camera angles and controls I had no problems it's an okay game. .  

Drakken2 the Ancients Gate for Playstation 2  ****

This is an Rpg, the warrior Rynn and her dragon Arokh must travel around the kingdom to awaken the dragons of a long lost empire only the power of these ancient guardians can save the world from darkness it has many dragons and you can even ride on one and partake of Ariel battles you can use all kinds of different breath weapon attacks which is always fun so you get both an rpg and a dragon flight game mixed into one.

  Spyro The Dragon Series  ****

Spyro The dragon is a little purple dragon with many games. Theirs Spyro the dragon, Spyro II Riptos Rage and Spyro year of the dragon which are all for Playstation. There are also two other games- Spyro season of Ice for Gameboy Advance, and another Spyro game for Nintendo Gamecube. Unfortunately for me, I've only managed to get Spyro year of the dragon. It was pretty good - A little dragon running around followed by a dragonfly, Burning stuff, gliding, skateboarding, you know, the usual dragon stuff! From what I've seen of the others they're all pretty good too.


I of The Dragon For PC  ****

  This is a PC game were dragons are the central role. I of The Dragon is an action RPG where the player can take on the tole of a dragon, There are three available dragons to choose from and the object of the game appears to be to protect a native civilization from monsters, as the game progresses your dragon matures and gains new strengths and capabilities, I seldom play PC games, and this one is no different, I've played into a bit and what impressess me the most is the detail of the dragons, anyway from what I've played into it thus far on my free time the game is working out to be a pretty decent game, a bit different then what I'm used to, but fairly good.

  ChronoCross for Playstation  ****

  This is the sequel to Chronotrigger A boy named Serge must travel between the dimensions of the El Nido archipelago and seek the help of the six dragon gods. There are forty playable characters one is a dragon hatchling. This game has a lot of dragons in it and it also has some good music. So the breakdown. Music good, Storyline good, a lot of characters, Many Dragons, and the graphics are okay too.  

  Dragonseeds for Playstation  ***

  This is a fighting game were you are a dragonlord you can create and make your own dragon through genetics raise there level and train them for battle. The dragon will age one year each day and as the dragon ages it will gain new strengths and skills but if the dragon dies it's gone for good and you'll have to raise a new one. I didn't like it much or I would have wrote more.

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter for playstation 2  ?

  (Info coming soon.)

Breath of Fire 3 and 4 for playstation  *****

  Breath of fire three is about a kid named Ryu he is the last of the Brood a race of dragons he can transform into a variety of different dragons and he is on a quest to discover why his race was hunted to extinction. Breath of fire 4 is another game this game has two entwined storylines of Ryu a boy who can transform into a dragon and another of the dragon god Fou lou I haven't completed it yet so I'll add more of a description later.  

Dragon Valor for Playstation  ***

  A two disc game and kind of an rpg, Dragon Valor follows the stories of a few generations of dragon hunters where as after a certain point in the story the heroes children will have their own adventure and it continues like that. The graphics could have been better and the game is a side scroller. Plus your hunting dragons which is a minus but the thing that mainly caught my eye is the intro movie which has a a lot of realistic dragons flying around and battling knights.  






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