Jafira's Dragon Shrine Collection 2016

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Jafira's Dragon Shrine Collection 2016

Over the years I have slowly begun to transition the shrine into more of a sacred space so you may notice the new alter cloth and assortment of added crystals and metaphysical trinketry.



Front view of Jafira Dragons, Dragon Shrine (2016)

Jafira's Dragon Shrine far left corner, containing a bag of obsidian runes, a singing bowl, some crystals, misc incense / oils and a jewel box full of sage and assorted minerals/rings.

A Close up of the low center shelf, showing assorted crystals and minerals, the two pentagram boxes contain mixed herbs, some sage, a small pendulem ouija board with seperate amythst and quartz pendulems as well as two decks of tarot cards, one being imperial dragon and the other just being a basic dragon tarot deck.


Same shelf, different angle, just trying to show off some of the assorted crystals and their backlight.

This is the second center shelf of my dragon shrine, mostly just statues, though I do have some personal treasures in the shadows out of shot, as well as a little offering plate and a seperate little offering filled with an assortment of quartz, amythst and citrine. One of those statues on the right is a cherished music box, as well the ornament hanging from the center is a gift given to me by Smotri on behalf of one of his friends, Canazar I believe.

Here is a close up to show the detail of the little money offering plate (quarters only).

Here are the details for the seperate crystal offering plate I have for some reason.

This shot showes the right side of the alter where I have some more crystals, a couple spirit flutes, some incense burners, some more tarot cards, a ouija board (as decoration) a black bag with some outdated ghost hunting tech and lastly a wooden pentagram box containing printed copies of all my spiritual writings acting as my book of shadows or grimoire.

A This is a close up of some of the statues on the top of the shrine, left side, in addition to a few of my old pendants, you'll note a statue of Athena and Quetzalcoatl, off scene on the right there is a statue of Odin. The centerpiece dragon lamp has a copy of the dragon zodiac pendant I never take off, as well as the original dragon claw necklace that first triggered my otherkin awakening when I was eight or so. (painstakenly restored) I wear a matching claw beneath my shirt so at any given time me and that centerpiece are wearing the same two necklaces, it's what links me to the shrine.

This showes the book shelf on the far right of my shrine where most of my overflow or earlier dragon statues ended up, quite the collection but I'm greedy so heh, its never enough dragons^^

Just an image of my little spirit bell, there is a ninja statue placed atop it mostly due to the fact that I simply ran out of room, it was the only place I could think to put him^^ the shelves have miscellaneous dragon, snake, dinosuar or fantasy movies.

Here is the next segment of the dragon shrine, mostly some of my treasured otherkin books and some misc assorted trinkets, heh, the green in the center behind the statues is actually several boxes of discontinued moldavite incense that I stockpiled, everything else is just old swords, buddha's crystal balls and misc stuff. There is also a statue of the goddess Freya on a shelf.

Just wall hangings and misc trinketry exists across from the actual alter. My bed exists in the center of the room and thats where the pictures were taken from, standing on the bed and just circling around.

My collection of dragon books.


My collection of metaphysical books shelf 1

My collection of metaphysical books shelf 2

My collection of otherkin books.







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