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Please.. Don't take any of this seriously... Please... I was young and Stupid..




In 1999, I Jafira Dragon, Created a medicine wheel in the middle of a nearby desert north of my town (Apache Junction Az), the original goal and purpose was for personal meditation, the location was chosen for obscure reasons.

In 2000, I Jafira Dragon believing in metaphysics and energy work fell into a very disturbing phase, and meddled greatly in supposed energy experiments, using the medicine wheel in a reckless fashion.

Remember, I was young and immature, I cannot emphasize this enough. The experiments were often dragon related, as I love the creatures and feel such a strong affinity towards them, I also utilized a trio of dragon persona's which I had at the time as possible spirit guides.

The experiments were split evenly through attempting to open a dimensional gate of some sort, or to create a physical transformation into a different form or appearence, both of these experiments not surprisingly failed. The experiments tapered off after some years, however during a reenactment on a stormy night something terrifying and amazing occurred to me.

In that said experiment, the date was Nov. 11, and the time was between 11pm-12am, the year was 2003. I was reenacting an old trans-dimensional portal experiment out of boredom, I was listening to a DragonBallZ anime soundtrack at the time, as I ended the experiments renactment, I became frustrated that all my powers were all pretend, I yelled at the stone circle for being a waste of time, and did extensive damage to it.

After throwing a series of rocks and kicking at the medicine wheel I begun to leave when, after having walked a short distance, a fast paced song began, I then spontaneously ran back towards the location screaming a series of made up words, and upon arriving back at the circle , I ran and jumped with all my strength and rage, and upon landing I plunged my large steel broadsword directly into the center of the medicine wheel, screaming in anger and pretending to draw up all the energy from beneath me.

At that exact moment a deafening/blinding explosion occurred some thirty or so feet above the circle, the blast lit the area and was so loud my ears rang dispite the headphones I had been wearing. Terrified I stood in a frieghtened haze, and upon regaining my composure, fled quickly from the desert and back to my home in shock from the situation.

After that anomalous event things begin to change at that location in the desert, strange phenomena began to occur at the location, odd whether conditions, strange sounds, freezing sensations, phantom voices, feelings of despair, poltergeist activity, bizarre dreams of another reality, demonic attacks and so forth, this all lasted for some two or so years.

Many friends who were involved in metaphysics offline and on examined the location with their own theories, as well a proclaimed native american shaman had cleansed the location twice, however in the end, the Phenomena did not cease until I, Jafira Dragon, lead by only a feeling, built a series of designs and symbols around the medicine wheel.

Since then the location has been peaceful, however I will not forget those years of terror and growth that my foolish fantasies had brought about. To this day I do not know what exactly happened that night, nore will I ever forget such.

Pictures of possibly related phenomena can be found in this small gallery

Pictures of the circle designs and formations are available in this gallery.

EVP's which were obtained at the circle location are available on this page.

An Immense Journal of Events (PDF Format) is Available HERE. (6.22MB)

A dream journal of the period in which these events occured is Available Here.

Photographs of the Cherokee Shaman "SpiritEye"


Legitimate questions are welcome, as well as possible theories regarding the situation and events that had occurred in that region. This is all based on fact, it all really did happen, Seriously! Think about it!! I have nothing to gain by making myself out to be a complete idiot, these events did indeed occur.



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