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Spirituality of Draconity

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This page is a beginners guide for otherkin, to be honest, I don't know what I was thinking when I made this, overall I just get a lot of newely awakened otherkin who tend to look up to me for advice, so I figured I would compile some subjects for starters, and what I know on to this page.

I am not an expert on any of this, it is just my opinion, my advice.

I would advise checking the FAQ's below first, as I consider them more clear and professionally made then what I have written here.

Overall I hope the combined data can help others in their awakening process and growth along their spiritual paths.

Draconity and Otherkin FAQ's, A place to start:
Otherkin FAQ 1

Otherkin FAQ 2
Baxil's Draconity Faq.

What is otherkinism:

Otherkinism is an obscure personal belief system in which a person perceives themselves to be connected spiritually in one way or another with a nonhuman form, a good deal of in depth information and resources on otherkin can be found at the site, http://www.otherkin.net.

For the purpose of these writings I will be focusing on Draconity, which is a term used to refer to the idea that one is dragonkin, or the concept of believing oneself to be connected spiritually with dragons in one form or another. Information on such can be found by reading Baxil's Draconity Faq. or by visiting the Dragon Resource Project.

From my own personal experiences over the past decade I can state that otherkinism is a personal belief system in which an individual believes or identifies with the perception that their soul, spirit or consciousness is something other then human, or that the individuals are, on a deep spiritual or emotional level connected in some way to a being other then human.

Those such as I, who claim to be otherkin, may tend to believe that their soul or spirit is trans-species in the same sense that some may believe that they were born into the wrong gender or time period, etcetera. There are many interpretations of what it means to be otherkin, and the idea is most often personal to the perceptions of the individual making the claim of being such. It is different for everybody.

One thing that I must mention, is that the claim of being another species is in a strictly spiritual sense, somebody like myself who may claim to be a dragon, is obviously not claiming to literally be a dragon in the physical sense, but rather, spiritual, emotional, or whatever the case may be. Most otherkin (I hope...) are not going to run around trying to jump off ceilings or nonsensical things like that, they simply identify on a spiritual, emotional or strong personal level with, (or as) the said creature of their affinity.

To some, an otherkin identity may be in the sense, that they simply identify emotionally with said form or have a strong spiritual connection to such, others perceptions of otherkinism may be based on reincarnation beliefs, or a belief that their nonhuman spirit is having a physical experience in the form of a human by some choice or cosmic mishap.

I myself, personally perceive myself as a dragon through act of spiritual reincarnation, I feel I exist as a reincarnated spirit experiencing life in a human incarnation. In as such, I believe my spirit to be alien to this world. Writings explaining how I feel this is possible are available here: (http://www.jafiradragon.com/Draconity1.htm)

In any case, I must reiterate that the reasoning or emphasis of how, or in what sense an individual may be otherkin is often determined by their perceptions and personal understandings of themselves and their own beliefs. There are of course general guidelines mentioned above in the aforementioned FAQ's, but overall, it appears that otherkinism is an individual experience.

I have always been different:

Based off my decade of experience speaking with a variety of otherkin, as well as my own personal experience, a good deal of otherkin prior to experiencing an awakening to otherkinism tend to suspect that they are in some way not the same as their peers.

For example the idea of being more in tune with nature, more prone to spiritual or metaphysical experiences, immense amounts of physical energy, a feeling that ones mental rationalization tends to be different from others, as well as other differences such as sensations of phantom anatomy, or strong attractions or associations with forms similar to an unawakened individuals kintype. For example an unawakened dragon kin being infatuated with dragons and reptiles.

Some otherkin, in rare cases, tend to awaken to the idea that they are non human spirits at a young age, or are just somehow born knowing, compared to most whom awaken to the concept in their mid to late teens. These early awakened kin are often disadvantaged in that they have few others to relate to and may tend to be bullied or targeted in a negative fashion, due to their younger age or inability to adequately explain in logical terms what they are experiencing, this has the potential to put up mental blocks to the idea or concept of otherkinism and make potentially re-awakening harder in the future.

In either case, for those who suspected for some time that they may have not originally been human, or as well, for those who as discussed above may have been born knowing, or had “always known” but may be learning now for the first time that their beliefs have a name, or that others like them exist, I welcome you to the concept of otherkin.

I encourage you to keep an open mind, and always above all else, know yourselves, both on a spiritual and physical level. Strive not to get sucked into falsehoods, learn and study all angles and possibilities, even those which may attempt to discredit your perceptions, read up on the experiences of others and always question your own personal truths, take time to befriend others and network, share your experiences and know that you are no longer alone, there are others like us and we will look out for each other.

I have always been normal but feel different now, what is happening?:

I have known over the years a good deal of newly awakened otherkin, whom were shocked to discover these new found beliefs within themselves. The best that I can imagine is that the knowledge on a spiritual or subconscious level had been repressed, and that at some time, an object or event, such as seeing a dragon film, statue, picture, or perhaps experiencing an extremely vivid dream may suddenly trigger a sudden awakening in an individual whom, until recently had no interest in spirituality or the kintype in question.

It happens a lot it seems, and often times, the individuals who experience this triggered awakening, be it late in life, or still in their youth, can often find clues that the kintype awakening had influenced them in the past outside their immediate notice at the time. Still, like all other times, I remind the reader, always when dealing with an awakening, or spiritual path regarding otherkin, always question yourself and your perceptions, base your beliefs off personal truths backed up by whatever evidence you may have. Remember, Emotion alone does not create truth.

Remember to be objective, do not lie to yourself, if you suddenly awaken and identify as a dragon, do not proclaim yourself Arutama dragon prince of the underworld and be done with it. But rather connect the dots, between dreams, visions, emotions, interpretations, possible memories and personal truth, do not lie to yourself, rather learn your personal truth, and if you know in your heart, that you were a wild animal, a quadrupedal black dragon called Arutama, whom lived in a cave on a mountain and hunted at night, admitting such is infinitesimally superior to believing the baseless lie that you walked upright and were Arutama prince of dragons, simply because it seems more epic, or preferable.

Be honest in your spiritual understanding and do not make stuff up, it will only come back to bite you in the end. This goes for all otherkin, newly awakens and those who have been for years.

I have memories of being a dragon, or other being:

Very good, many kin often times have very limited evidence to base their beliefs on, memories are a great gift to be awakened with. But remember always to question your memories, what are their basis, where did they come from, how much of them are true, and how much may have been tainted by falsehood, media, social expectations and so on?

Be sure to write your memories down always and study them often, change them freely as you learn more, and do not resist new understandings, when I first awakened I thought I could speak when I was a dragon, but upon closer meditation on my perceived memories I noticed I never did. Things may change as you learn more about yourself and new memories come to the surface.

Do not resist change for fear of criticism or that you were wrong, personal honesty with yourself, is the most important thing with otherkinism, if you lie to yourself, it will only come back to destroy you. Take your time, cherish your memories and always strive to learn more in honesty to your spiritual perceptions.

I don't have memories of being a dragon or whatever, but feel like such:

I would recommend not jumping to conclusions either for or against being otherkin, you might just like the kintype in question and think they are awesome creatures, or perhaps you legitimately relate to the creature and are just uncertain the relationship or reason as to why. Overall though I would strongly advise anyone exploring the idea to take things very slowly and don't jump into anything. Take time out to meditate and think deeply on why you feel like, or relate so closely to the kintype in question, examine if there are any external influences that may be impacting such, be objective and honest.

But overall if you still feel a powerful affinity towards your kintype in question, look into the spirituality, check out some otherkin communities and test the waters, but remember, you either are or you are not, do not pretend just because it feels good, otherkinism is a struggle, from both within oneself and from without, it is not a game, it is frankly a mess.

You will learn and grow immensely but it is a constant growth with many ups and downs, be sure in your heart and mind that this is your spirit and your path, and not just some silly role play reality you wish to impose upon yourself. All I can say is take the idea seriously and know all the angles, know yourself, know your own personal truths and perceptions, and go from there slowly and in a state of constant learning.

I know I am a dragon, or whatever, but I can't remember squat:

Relax, you are not alone, a lot of otherkin awaken to knowledge of the form, its gender, appearances and a few traits, and often nothing more, its unfortunately common, thus the desire or liability for many to fall into falsehoods or to make up memories that seem feasible, but may not necessarily be true.

First, for the most part, really, you know your form, its sex, appearance, and a few basic details, that in itself, is amazing, you know you existed as something else, take pride in that, remember that the life or memories associated with that form, have little to no bearing on this reality, that life is gone, passed, live for today, and take pride in the knowledge of what you once were.

I know that advice may seem of little help to you, and I understand the frustration of wanting to know more, and finding nothing. It is simply all I can do to remind you to live for the day and take pride in that which you do know. Beyond that, if you wish to delve into possible memories, try thinking back to your past for any vivid dreams or visions which may have had clues within them, there may also be some meditation techniques that might be available in certain otherkin communities if you search for them, or ask, try those perhaps.

Overall memories may or may not come to you, don't dwell on the past needlessly, you are here now, live, grow, and enjoy life. The absence of memories does not disprove your kin beliefs, so long as you know in your heart and soul what you were, or are on the inside.

Spiritual side effects of draconity, paranormal mayhem and spiritual sensitivity:

There are some otherkin who feel that due to their otherkin beliefs that they either by conscious choice or by chance, seem to draw paranormal activity towards them, or are more sensitive to spiritual or metaphysical happenings then would be their peers. This however is not true for all otherkin, but is simply a possible side effect so to speak.

Over the decade that I have observed otherkin, as well as based off my own personal experiences I have heard and seen first hand a good deal of evidence that some of us just draw strangeness to us like a magnet. The only feasible explanation that I can come up with would be that since the majority of us are already more spiritual and open minded then others we may tend to be more open, sensitive, aware, or susceptible to such events or occurrences then would be our peers.

Not to mention that a good segment of the otherkin population is apparently involved in metaphysic's, Paganism, or alternative spiritualities alongside their already unique kin beliefs and are simply in better positions (for better or for worse) to experience odd phenomena. For the individual new to the concept of otherkinism, just make a note in the back of your mind that weird things simply happen sometimes, and that life isn't always what it seems.

So I happen to have some spirit guides what now?:

Sometimes, some otherkin will be visited by sentient consciousnesses during the course of their early awakenings, not always, but it happens for some, either through personal effort to call such entities forth, or by random chance. Often times, these guides will communicate as separate sentient minds within ones conscious thoughts, as well, imaginary imagery of them may be accompanied outside ones body, overall they are similar to imaginary friends, only vastly more useful. As well it seems they typically exist for support and companionship.

The source of these guides is open to speculation, perhaps they are external spirits called to you through a personal effort, perhaps they are self created sentient entities of your own spirit and energies, servitors created of your own will for support or companionship, either subconsciously or through personal effort, or perhaps, worse case scenario, they are our own innane delusions, though I assure you, ask your guides and they'll deny up and down they're delusions, fun how that works.

Regardless, of origins, be they temporary external manifestations of your own spirit, or be they free roaming entities come to assist you, it does not matter. Source and origin are less relevant, then rather their purpose. Acknowledge their purpose and adapt your understandings around that, if they are negative entities get rid of them, else wise if they are helpful, accept them as cherished friends and work and learn from them as long as they remain.

From what I have observed and experienced with so called spirit guides, regardless of whether they originated from your own spirit and energies or as outside entities, inevitably in time they will move on, those who originated from your own spirit will in time after their purpose is fulfilled, return to your spirit and merge as one whole again, those entities called to assist you from external origin, likewise in time, will often move on as well.

So if you are lucky enough to obtain some friendly spirit guides or allies in your early awakenings, cherish them and treat them well so long as they are there, and never forget what they have to teach you.

For the record, there is also a psychological alternative to the spirit or servitor explanations, in the form of multiple dissociative disorder, which I advise you to also look into in your quest to maintain an open mind and see all angles and know yourself.

Spiritual names and identity in regards to otherkinsim:

If you happen to be otherkin, then in the process of awakening, you will likely begin to learn about your perceived spiritual or prior form, and likely tend to base an online, or spiritual identity around it, as well you will likely seek a name for said identity.

How you choose to portray or even if you choose to portray an otherkin identity for yourself is your own personal decision, simply understand that over the Internet, nothing is private, ever, so remember to be responsible and use whatever common sense you deem necessary so as not to bring negative attention to yourself or others.

As for how to learn your otherkin name, if such exists, the process differs for the individual, the name Jafira came to me while camping in the woods, it just popped into my head. The name Korageth was heard in a dream in which I perceived my death as a dragon, the name Veltra came to me as a breeze brushed past me while enjoying the view atop a mountain. For others their names come to them in other ways, most everyone has their own unique story, a name will come to you in time.

Remember, that there is a possibility that you, in a prior life or form, had no name, or that it may simply be lost to your spirit and history. There is nothing preventing you from choosing or creating a name that has meaning to you. Just make something up that means something to you, and change it in the future should something come up. Overall it is the meaning and how the name identifies to you on an emotional level that matters, the rest resolves itself in time.

Controversial incarnations and belief, spirit is energy, infinite potential:

Remember, otherkin by its very definition and existence is controversial, an individual can have more then one incarnation, you can awaken to forms that are unknown to Earth. Because we live in a universe in which we as humans are limited to our perceptions of what we know, we cannot know what lies outside this Earth, with that said, we cannot and should not eliminate the possibilities that there are things and forms out there that we do not know of.

In short, if you awaken to some crazy bizarre form that is unique and never heard of, but you have some form of rational basis behind it, and the belief in the form in question is not completely made up fluff, I would not be too worried about it. As well, all the same with awakening to multiple incarnations or forms. We cannot know the nature of the spirit and the universe we exist in. We are limited to only that which we know, and we don't know much at all.

All things exist of energy, and that includes your spirit. Remember that spirit and energy exist of infinite possibilities anything has the potential to be true, perception creates reality, just don't go overboard remember to back up all your beliefs and perceptions with evidence and honest truth in what you believe.

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 I am always happy to meet new people so if you have something to ask, or just want to chat don't be afraid to contact me.

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