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My goal in the creation of both this site and our adjoining community is to provide access to resources and support to both fans of dragons and to those who may identify as Otherkin, I hope to do my best in pursuit of those goals! So long as I can show even a single person that they are not alone in their beliefs, then I have changed a life, and this site has succeeded in its purpose!

"I wish only to observe and to learn, should the need arise, I wish to teach and to aid, I wish to take comfort in the words and presence of those whom are like me, In that despite our distances and differences in life, we all have one thing in common, a connection to that majestic entity, the Dragon!"



Draconity.org ---dragons-valley.com ---dragon-realms.net

draconic.com---Draconity Resource Project --- Dragon Dreaming

Otherkin.net --- dreamhart.org---Eristic.net


Draco illuminet sensus spiritus sapientiae



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