Psychology of Draconity

Psychology of Draconity

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This page is a beginners guide for otherkin, to be honest, I don't know what I was thinking when I made this, overall I just get a lot of newly awakened otherkin who tend to look up to me for advice, so I figured I would compile some subjects for starters, and what I know on to this page.

I am not an expert on any of this, it is just my opinion, my advice.

Overall I hope the combined data can help others in their awakening process and growth along their spiritual paths.

Being a dragon or otherkin:

Being a dragon or otherkin means a lot to the individual, but nothing to those outside the individual. By proclaiming yourself to be otherkin you open yourself to all matter of accusation and social abandonment, it is not something that should be assumed or claimed due to some form of fad or game, it is definitely not something you should do to be popular or fit in, as that is an obvious failure as far as goals go.

In proclaiming yourself otherkin, you are open to the assumptions of mental or emotional ineptness, spiritual confusion, and any number of similar such claims, if you are in a religious family, expect a hell of an ordeal, if you have popular friends, or are high on the social latter, best keep your mouth shut.

You better damn well know what your getting into before you make such a claim, because you have some struggle ahead, and you best keep quiet about it and in the shadows until you know yourself well enough that you can handle the social, psychological and spiritual responsibility of putting up with all manner of outcomes associated with such.

I can't stress this enough, do not assume you are otherkin just because you got some warm fluffy feelings from a dragon movie, a book, or played some game that snapped you into the idea. If you think you are otherkin there will be plenty of signs or evidence beyond such mediocre examples that I had given.

In examining an awakening strive to gather evidence outside of mere feelings alone and work to be able to rationalize why you believe such. That way, when and if you do ever get confronted on such, you can defend your spiritual opinion without coming off as a complete whack job.

Know yourself, don't let others tell you what to believe, balance your spiritual or philosophical belief that you are otherkin, with the possibility that you may not be, remain open to both possibilities and keep in mind that no matter what the case, you are still human and have human responsibilities, school, grades, work, college, relationships, your future, if any of these suffer because of your beliefs, take a step back and reprioritize your goals and mindset. We don't need confused people claiming to be otherkin and messing up their lives over it, its not good for you, nor does it reflect good on us as a whole.

So, with all that said, remember always to question all things, research both sides, know yourself, base your beliefs on at least some form of evidence however remote it may be, even if it is just some dreams, visions, phantom sensations, an attraction to the creature(s) in question, in association with said creature(s), emotional longings, spiritual companions, spiritual experiences, perceived memories of another world or life, whatever it may be, but question all of them and have some line of evidence for your beliefs rather then just jumping into these beliefs just because it may be a fad or feel right at the time.

As well, be ready for the responsibilities that come accompanying these beliefs, this isn't a game, you either are an otherkin or your not, if you are, it will probably make itself quite noticeable and undeniable, if you are not, that's fine, you can still hang out with us, or whatever you want, but for your own sake, don't try to be something your not, it will only screw you up in the end. If you are otherkin and you know yourself and what you perceive to be true, your fine, this rant is not for you, just be mature about your perceived spirituality and your fine.

Traits that I have noted regarding otherkin:

Over the years I have spoken with quite a few otherkin, I am no expert by any means, I am a shy person and do not interact with the vast majority, however of those self proclaimed otherkin that I have spoken to, I have noticed most tended to have a few common traits.

Most of them awakened in their mid to late teens, most had some evidence or suspicions throughout their life but could not pin down the cause or reasoning of their suspicions until something triggered the idea and the dots were connected. Most otherkin that I have known have also been deeply philosophical, involved in metaphysics or are generally open minded and spiritual in nature.

As well, most self proclaimed otherkin that I have known or spoken to over the years have expressed a longing for their prior forms or lives, most of them strive to identify with such through creative works and artistic expressions, alongside collecting representations of their kintype. Most of them expressing a deep longing to return to their perceived homelands as well I have also noted that a few tend to have spiritual companions or guides throughout their early awakenings, be they truly spiritual entities, or multiple dissociative personalities, they commonly tended to help immensely in a variety of ways and provided deep and compassionate companionship to the individuals in question.

From my experiences I have noted that some otherkin tend to have phantom limb syndrome during segments of their awakenings, be it placebo, psychological, or truly spiritual, it appears to be normal and accepting such when it occurs tends to bring a greater emotional and spiritual connection to the subjects kintype.

As well, most otherkin I have known appear to dream of returning to their old lives or forms, but know and accept that they are here as humans and can differentiate between their beliefs and real life responsibilities in a mature fashion allowing for typical and normal lifestyles when off the anonymity of the Internet.

However, a select few otherkin, in their early awakenings may try to experiment or seek possible methods to somehow physically shift back to their old forms, or return to their old perceived lives only to meet with the obvious expected failure and embarrassment when it does not work. (I was such a person) these otherkin I would hope, quickly mature past that phase when they realize the truth, that such ideas are illogical and a form of escapism.

I have also noted that some otherkin, after closer inspection of their beliefs or understandings of themselves may realize in the end, that they had lied to themselves, whether it be their perceived memories or it be their understandings of perceived forms or life. As well, sometimes they may renounce the entire concept of being otherkin in general.

As stated above, sometimes people realize that they were wrong or misunderstood their feelings or had false assumptions. It is okay to be wrong, but it is better to learn earlier then later, thus my constant and repetitive insistence to always question yourself and what you understand or believe to be reality, always be honest with yourself.

Other then that, most otherkin I have known just hang out with others of their kind or with people of similar beliefs on the Internet, often they go by a spiritual or false name, and are wise enough to avoid drama offline regarding their beliefs, relying on sharing their otherkin perceptions only with follow believers or close friends. They do this not because of a cult mentality, but rather out of a need for social preservation due to the severe social and religious disdain for beliefs so obscure or controversial.

Lastly, as stated in other writings in these categories, many of the individuals I have met claiming to be otherkin at times may feel like they are wearing a mask or not being honest with themselves when they go about their mundane or typical daily routines, and wish or desire that they could relate more with their kintype at times. To vent such, as mentioned repetitively in other writings, they network with others of similar beliefs, seek others with similar or open minded beliefs near their area or within their schools, get out to nature often, role-play, write, relax, meditate or generally spend time within their imagination.

What are the warning signs that I may be taking this to far:

Anything that distracts from experiencing a mature or stable lifestyle, if it damages your education, relationships, employment, lands you in jail, or does anything to harm your ability to function normally in society, or overtly upsets your mental or emotional well being you are probably taking this to far.

If you use your otherkin faith or perceptions continuously as a form of escapism or means to avoid real life responsibilities or if you truly do believe that you can physically become your kintype or teleport between worlds, or dimensions, (like me a decade ago during my spirit circle experiments) you are probably taking this a bit to far.

As well, if you are running around telling everyone you know that you are otherkin and acting irrational of assuming delusions of grandeur because of your beliefs, you are probably taking this a bit to far.

Another issue is if you have made up every aspect of your otherkin beliefs or are declaring you are otherkin without the slightest hint of personal exploration or self honesty, then you are probably taking this to far and should rewind and question your perceptions honestly. If your otherkinsism is interfering with your schedules, interpersonal relationships, education or employment, then you need to slow down and focus on what's important for the here and now, prioritize.

Lastly, if you being otherkin is in anyway creating excessive amounts of emotional instability, emotional outbursts of anger, sadness, bi-polar symptoms, or is generally causing an excessive emotional disturbance or intense change in how you would generally react to given situations, you should probably slow down and figure out why such is happening.

A brief essay on otherkin memories:

Sometimes some otherkin will, through the course of their awakenings, be lucky enough to have flashes or evidence of possible past memories or have feelings and a belief or perception that some foreign memories have been recalled or shown to be true to their spirit.

These possible memories may be as simple as a flash of a forest or river, some unknown landscape or location not seen before in this life, or possibly the foreign memories may occur as more complex memories such as interactions with unknown individuals and so forth, on rare occasions, the memories can be so fluid as to form a nearly complete life story.

Most possible memories of nonhuman existences occur in brief flashes, recurring dreams, visions, or are induced through meditation. Sometimes, they may be triggered by locations, landscapes or experiences encountered in this world. As well, sometimes they may simply exist as a strong emotional connection or knowing that one has existed in another form, life, or world. Sometimes no possible memories or evidence appear, and an individual is left with only a faith or spiritual assumption that they are different.

For each individual the awakening process to past memories, families, incarnations or knowledge of nonhuman lives is different. There are some norms, but overall like much of being otherkin, it is an individual and personal experience, ones spiritual understanding of their self cannot be determined by the social expectations or experiences of another, nor will everyone's awakenings be the same.

Many otherkin will claim to be from other worlds and lifestyles, or other dimensions and realities. In an infinitely expanding universe with near infinite potential, anything can be true, there is no way to prove or disprove such claims, I personally as a dragonkin perceive that I once existed on an earth like planet as a feral western dragon in a world inhabited by humanoid wolves, I could be nuts of course, but just as well, it could be true, anything is possible.

Others may claim to have existed in other separate forms or realities. We know only of Earth and that which we can perceive through it, we don't know what is beyond this world, for both the otherkin, and the average human, knowledge of what exists beyond this planet can not be known, both can only rely on their assumptions and limited perceptions of what lies beyond this blue marble in space.

In that regard it is impossible to either prove or disprove the legitimacy of our memories or claims, for both parties it is a matter of faith rather then fact. The otherkin cannot prove their memories are true, anymore then the debunker can prove the claims are fantasy, it is not possible for either to provide proof, it is faith either way.

However, the fact that the claim of memories is a matter of faith to both the debunker as well as the participant, does not deny that outlandish, impossible, stupid, or outright ridiculous claims will not still be aggressively picked and torn apart in the harshest and most hostile method possible, common sense will always prevail, you can't call yourself "The Cosmic Banana God" just because you have faith, if you act stupid or are confused, you can expect extreme confrontation, that will be unavoidable no matter how much faith you think you have.

When interpreting or laying claim to possible memories there is always the important need to be honest with yourself, as in all things that effect you on a spiritual level. And of course, always remember, the more controversial your perceived memories are, the less likely they are to be accepted, thus the importance to know yourself, as you may be expected to back up your perceived life or memories with the process you went through to come to those perceived conclusions.

Overall though, remember that some otherkin may never awaken to any memories, they may simply maintain a deep emotional or spiritual connection or claim to their belief, that is common as well, some people just connect with their form or kintype and nothing more, some may not believe they actually were the forms but rather are connected to them in some other way, or many people may not believe in reincarnation or related spirit beliefs. In this world, there exists a variety of individual beliefs, perceptions and paths, not everyone will have the same experiences.

Remember, that lost or no memories do not equate to a lack of proof or legitimacy to being otherkin, it is fine, to all parties both those and those without, it is only a single aspect of who you believe yourself to be, it is not something to spend all your time dwelling on. Overall, to those who have memories as well as those who do not, remember that you are alive today as a human, Remember, Respect, and Revere what you know of your perceived prior existences, learn from, and grow from the experiences you believed you obtained from those incarnations.

But in the end, remember to always live for today, as who and what you are now, do not neglect to live this new life because you are to busy dwelling on what may or may not have happened in a past existence, that life is over, you are here now, live this one to its fullest, as it can end at anytime.

Homesick for old life:

Sometimes, those who are lucky enough to have obtained some memories of a past life may become homesick for their homeland or their prior perceived form, as well as possible families, mates, friends, and so forth.

With the awakening of these possible perceived memories there may come an accompanying onset of homesickness, either for the life itself, or the form in question, for example, memories of flying may create a longing for the ability to do such again, followed by an accompanying depression that you are now earthbound. Another example being, a life memory of ones mate, partner, or friends, that may bring up the realization of the loss of such relationships.

As well, knowledge or memories of unfinished business in a perceived prior life may create feelings of guilt or failure, for example leaving a pregnant partner to search for food and somehow dying before returning back to her, or needing to do some other example of relevance and being slain before completion.

There are a variety of highly emotional events and realizations that may occur in the search for possible memories of a prior existence, and many of these realizations or feelings of loss can be quite painful and strenuous, as well as difficult to handle, even more so if an individual is not emotionally grounded.

In extreme cases, an individual influenced by their perceptions and emotions concerning past life memories might seek to find ways to physically return home, or to physically transform back to their prior form. I was such a person in the beginning, I was homesick and tried to return home through the use of a complex pattern of sticks and symbols placed around a circle of stones mixed with some foolish rituals. In that regard I can speak from experience, it is a desperation move and a form of escapism. We exist in these bodies and lives now, and we are stuck here until are purpose, lives, and time here are fulfilled.

As well, if you believe that your prior form had been slain, or otherwise destroyed on a physical level, it is dead and decayed now, there is nothing to return to. That life, that past, that reality is now over, you exist here, make of it the best that you can, and do not waste this life, pining for the last, its not what your past self, or its love ones would want for you today, think of it through that perspective, live for the now, you have another chance in this world to experience what you could not in another.

At the same time, in dealing with homesickness for a lost reality, a lost life, I encourage you to reflect upon your past memories with a trick I call the three “R's”. Revere, Respect, and Remember.

Revere the memories and knowledge of what you were, you had experienced a life and existence outside of humanity, that knowledge and perspective is unique.

Respect yourself in regards to both that life and who you are today, be strong for who you once were, or what you once existed as, be strong enough to imagine facing your past self in a mirror and not being ashamed of who you are today, live now, in honor of what and whom you once were.

And lastly, remember. Remember that the memories you believe you have are sacred reminders of who you are, and who you have been, write them down and update them frequently, so as to never forget that which means so much to you on a spiritual and emotional level, that you are somebody unique and special, and that which you feel you know of your spirit, your memories, are there to lead you and guide you anew in this life, so for that purpose never forget them they are forever a part of you.

Overall if you have been an otherkin who has awakened to memories of a nonhuman existence, you will likely be homesick for such memories at one time or another, how you cope with such things is your responsibility, I just provided some advice from my own experiences is all. You as an individual must find your own path and method for dealing with and understanding such things. Good luck, and remember you are never alone, others on line can likely relate so never be afraid to confide in others who may be going through, or have gone through, the same or similar experiences.

I have phantom limbs and crap, is this good or bad, normal or off?:

That is phantom limb syndrome, it is most often experienced by amputee's in that they still feel their missing limb even though it is no longer existent it is believed by some that it means their aura or spirit is maintaining its natural or original form despite the difference on the physical level.

Regarding phantom limbs for otherkin, it is assumed ones spirit or aura is taking on the shape or memory of a non-human form possibly of a past incarnation, it usually is a temporary sensation, relax and go with it. It is quite common to my understanding, I have known others to take on phantom tails, wings, claws, as well as entire phantom forms.

Aside from being likely spiritual, it may also be triggered psychologically or emotionally, as there are exercises and meditations out there that can trigger the sensations, unfortunately it is never physical, just phantom changes, if anyone claims that they can pull off a physical change or alteration, demand evidence, as there are a lot of people out there who claim such, but in all honesty nobody can, its just not possible.

Myself, in the past I had experimented through a variety of metaphysical means to take on draconic traits, through meditations with the purpose of alteration and extension of the aura, or otherwise simply alternating through other assorted techniques or terminologies regarding the manipulation and restructuring of supposed spiritual energy.

In those days I had experienced phantom dragon wings, tail, horns, the works. Many discussions of phantom limbs could be found on many assorted kin communities so I generally accepted such as further proof to my spiritual claim of draconity.

However there exists as well an equally viable rational explanation for the sensations which I and others have felt in the past and that is the term known as "placebo" the mind is a powerful tool and it can be tricked to produce sensations and results which are not necessarily real or existent. In so believing or desiring to have these limbs or traits, be it conscious or non, one can trigger the false sensation or a tingling presence of a physically nonexistent form.

A popular quote once stated "reality is what doesn't go away when you stop believing in it." more often then not phantom limbs can be a placebo result brought about by the desire or belief that one is meant to be a dragon or some other form, the mind may attempt to produce the sensation of draconic or otherkin aspects to quell the emotional desire.

Understand that I have noted through my own personal experimentation that even non-kin can be influenced to duplicate the sensations of phantom limbs with a little work. So take note that there exists both a spiritual and psychological explanation for the sensations. What matters is how it reflects upon you, is it a factor alongside other possible evidences, or is it a solitary trait that appears when you think of a specific form?

Overall, it is either the mind playing tricks on us, or an actual reshaping of our personal auras or spiritual forms. Whichever one is chosen to be true for you is up to you and your perceptions, as each individuals experiences will be different, it would have to be considered a matter of faith, all things spirit exist in faith, the choice is yours. Just note however that considering the rational psychology involved in the possible sensations, not everyone will always accept such alone as a spiritual truth or claim to otherkinism.

Draconity, and the superiority complex, king of dragons, dragon god, etcetera, truth or ego?

It is a common trait of some newly awakened otherkin, that they will often portray great arrogance in their claim to otherkinism, tending to assume that, as they were a dragon, or other non-human being, that they are somehow superior, conveniently forgetting that presently they exist in the form of a human now and are no longer as epic or great as they claim they once were.

I for example may claim that I being a dragon in human incarnation am superior, with great magic and powers, and that I should be treated as though I were still in that form or at whatever rank or position I had existed as in a prior incarnation. I can claim that I am a dragon, and that by these writings have proven myself a spiritual leader here to lead my people as their “Dragon Pope” (my new official title!) but that does not make it true. I am neither a dragon lord in human form, nor the Dragon Pope, I am just some dude with a computer.

My past has no bearing on who I am today, it frankly cannot even be proven, it relies on faith and my own perceptions. Otherkin or not, I am no different from others, it is my actions and choices that shape who and what I am, and not a belief that I am important because I was something special or unique.

As well, it is a common trait, that most newly awakened otherkin tend to take claim to quite heroic or adventurous lives, being related to royalty or having saved their world, if not proclaiming themselves a god incarnate, I myself am not exempt, in my early stages of awakening, I had falsely assumed that I was the savior of a race of peoples and died fending off an invading army, where in truth after an honest look at what I believe to be the memories and remnants of that life, as best as can be perceived by my available evidence, I was actually just a feral dragon, who happened to be murdered quite helplessly after being ambushed in my sleep.

In looking closely at what I truly knew versus what I felt and assumed to be true, I learned or admitted that I was not a sentient dragon capable of telepathy and fighting wars as I originally believed and portrayed myself as, but rather I learned they were falsehoods that I had added or assumed based off fantasy and stereotypes, as well as a belief that such a form would be sentient like a human rather then a mere animal, but in the end I learned I was really a boring nomadic wild animal after all. Quite a smack to the epic expectations of my ego, but it was truth nonetheless.

What I am getting at here is simple. Do not accept your otherkinism in a way that sets you apart from others in an arrogant manner, you are unique in your beliefs and experiences and that makes you special, but still, it is your actions and choices in this life that matter now, not what happened in the past, and in regards to spirit what you believe today may not be the same tomorrow, and arrogance and assumptions may come back to bite you, move slowly in your beliefs and growth.

As for having been an important figure in a prior existence, perhaps you were, or perhaps it is simply your human ego telling you that you were, the only way to know for sure is to be honest with yourself, and not be afraid to accept the fact that possibly you were less then what you first came to believe. Either way, only you can discover the truth of your own soul. Always be honest with yourself, and try not to be a prideful arrogant bastard about your spirituality, you don't make friends that way, know yourself and your own truths

Spiritual aspects of oneself manifesting through artistic expression prior to the manifesting in the heart and mind:

I believe this subject may have been lightly touched upon earlier in another section or on another page, but I will reiterate my statement before to be safe.

I believe it is possible for otherkin to portray their spirituality artistically or emotionally in certain traits prior to awakening, in ways such as always drawing dragons, or having a preference towards fantasy books with a dragon hero etcetera, and that in my understanding the spirit may seeks familiarity, it knows what it was or what it wants, even if the human consciousness does not.

In that regard, it should not be assumed that you have simply gone off the deep end by going from seeking dragons through expression, to proclaiming yourself one spiritually, rather you have always been one, and traits you portrayed in the past were simply an extension of your inner spirit seeking to reach out to your conscious mind.

In short, perhaps you liked dragons, or related with dragons so much, because you were one, and the only difference between the time when you longed for dragons and the present were you may now claim to be have been a dragon, is that you now believe you understand the rationalization for those odd traits where in the past they were just odd habits or desires of yours.

The importance of nature and relaxation:

This world we live on easily has the potential to be a stressful and painful world of hurt and negativity, most of us are surrounded by needless and irrational drama, capable of putting any day time soap opera to shame, face it, this world of human social norms and conditioning just sucks, from school to employment, to marriage to retirement and so on, there is the potential for constant and needless drama and stress.

As well problems in life don't tend to go away either, most of the time they just get worse, or are replaced by new concerns, it is the way of this world, you may have once existed as a dragon who slept, hunted, flew around mated and didn't do much else living in a carefree feral lifestyle, but in this reality things are different and unless you are rich, there is not much you can do to change such.

So, how do we cope with this world of mendacity and needless negativity and distractions? The answer is simple, escape from time to time, get outside for perhaps an hour or listen to music or seek creative expression, whatever it takes to rest your mind and relax at the end of a long day, your best bet to avoid being beaten and battered by the stresses of this world is to seek nature, or a personal refuge to get away from time to time.

Do what you can to get out more, camp a weekend a month, go hiking or hit the beach if you can, take a nap under the tree in your yard even. You will be amazed how much it helps just to get away from Facebook, school, work, and everything else, and to just relax outdoors for awhile, watch a sunset if you can and just hang out, it is alright to take a break from life once in awhile.

It just helps to get outside, reside in the energies and feelings of being away from it all and just spend some time watching the clouds or the stars at night, listening to the waves lap the shore, the birds in the forest, the coyote's in the desert, or the pigeons on your lawn. Just get outside and rest from time to time, even if it is simply once a week, or month, try it, it will help.

If you feel you were not always human, then of course it will be reinvigorating to take a vacation from the human lifestyle and rest, however briefly it may be, and of course, what works for me, may not always work for you, but give it a try and see.

The importance of art and creativity:

One hard fact about awakening as otherkin. Depending on your perception of your beliefs and knowledge and connection to your prior or perceived form, you are probably going to miss it a lot, who wouldn't miss flying around or causing havoc on another world or reality, or the lost relationships and memories of a forgotten life. But, as well, we are all reminded of the harsh fact that those realities are gone, there is no going back.

But, through artistic expression, drawing, writing, poetry, game design, role playing, creative video collages, and so forth, we can at least in a sense seek to portray ourselves as we perceive we once were, we can seek to connect with what we have lost through the creation and observation of artistic expression of that which we feel we once were, and may still feel like on the inside.

So draw, write, read, create, and seek the creativity of others, it has the potential to strengthen our connection and give us balance in the expression of what we feel we are as otherkin. (Summation, go search a crap load of art online and see if and how it stimulates your beliefs.)

I believe I have incarnated into many forms, and lives, dragons, dolphins, you name it, am I different?:

For this question, I will simply refer to my speculation of the nature of the spirit from my own draconity page. Let us assume, that all existence, spiritual and non, has resulted through the will of an eternal omnipotent being. As well, let us consider that the energy of this being exists in all forms and mechanisms throughout existence, let us also speculate that through this eternal being, sentience was given to energy in the form of a soul, and physical forms created and evolved to house, teach, and grow these souls.

With each physical death the soul would return to the energy of it's creator, compile and learn from its lessons, and return to a new physical form. If such an entity had designed said process, the purpose of life, would likely be for each soul to transition between multiple forms throughout the physical universe, learn of what it means to live, to experience, to love, to die and to repeat in numerous successive journeys.

To protect each new individual experience of existing in each new form, it would be considered proper for the soul to have a temporary or spiritual amnesia from other lives while in each new form, so that the experiences and memories of the last life do not conflict with the experiences of the new existence. Similar to how in death, Romans and Greeks would drink from the River Styx and forget their lives. As well, it can easily be considered that as each new forms brain does not have the memory or mechanics of the souls prior form within it, then the entire past or memory cannot carry over.

But what if souls that have progressed through many lives over time gain the power to carry over the knowledge? That the soul can through successive existence's learn to reach out and to teach the present bodies mind its own past? This is the concept of an otherkin awakening, the mind does not have the experiences, but the soul retains such, and with spiritual exercise can, overtime remind the conscious mind of select or emotionally driven events.

If this theory is true, then if we can awaken to one form or life, lets say a dragon, why is it not equally possible to have awakened to another even later life, say, a dragon of the opposite gender, or a dolphin, or cat, and so on. If the spirit can have the remnants and traits of one existence, then it is equally possible that it can retain the remnants and traits of multiple others experienced throughout its spiritual evolution.

So, yes, it is feasible to have multiple awakenings and not be insane, your first awakening was simply the most dominant or noticeable as it was possibly the most recent shape your spirit had adapted to prior to the one you now have.

The spirit is formless and of boundless potential, it feasibly should retain all identities and consciousness's that it has experienced, to learn of other incarnations there is simply a need for a method of spiritual experimentation or meditation to access such aspects or traits of your higher or inner self.

At the same time, an important disclaimer, because I'm getting all new-age again, and we don't need that. Always remember to use common sense and a rational inquisitive mindset in dealing with such things, question everything, check psychological alternatives, balance what is in your heart, with what you know in your mind and spirit, use wisdom and strive to back up your claims and feelings, never give in to direct assumption or fall for falsehoods.

Music and Otherkin:

I have found over the years that one way that I can feel more spiritually attuned to my draconity is to listen to music that reflects my mood or emotions at a particular moment, or music that reminds me of my perceived incarnations life. As well, I have noticed a more deeper emotional connection towards my spirituality well listening to music with personal meaning while searching for dragon artwork on line, or exploring on Youtube for some dragon themed music videos. (I would recommend starting with a search for How To Train Your Dragon AMV's, there seem to be a lot of them out there.)

I believe listening to music allows you to express and connect better to your emotions and feelings, it gets you wired and active, or helps you relax and unwind, in either regard strive to integrate music with your spirituality, especially if you are down, you may be surprised how much it helps.

For myself, nothing makes me feel better more then going on a walk into the wilderness with some epic music to listen to, it just helps me rest my mind so to speak. But then, remember, what is right for me, may not be right for you, give it a shot and see for yourself, growth in ones spiritual path is always a personal experience, do what is right for you.

Otherkin Psychology, relating to the familiar, a calling for your kind:

It seems perfectly reasonable and rational, that as beings whom identify as something other then human, we would tend to relate more with creatures and forms more attuned to our kintype. For example, a dragonkin would relate with reptile pets such as snakes and monitor lizards, more then they would with the typical dog or cat, or for another example, they may possibly be more enthused or impressed by reptile characters or reptilian representations in the media then they would be by none reptile or human characters.

Likewise, an otherkin whom identifies as a unicorn, pegasus, nightmare or some other equine form would likely be drawn to horses, it seems to me only natural for otherkin to relate with what is familiar to them on a spiritual or identifying level. It seems only logical that instinctual creatures would be drawn more to that which they identify with.

In that regard, it is common for a dragonkin to purchase a large snake or reptile as a pet, or equine kin to purchase, rent or care for a horse of some sort, and so on and so forth as they identify with the creatures. Of course like all things, there are obvious limits, but common sense and discretion should be obvious. But in defense of us kin with different pets or associations, it may simply be nature for us, to each their own.

Channeling the draconic mind and body, a mental exercise for self affirmation and spiritual growth:

One thing that seems very liberating to do as an otherkin, is to visualize the form of your inner identity overlapping your physical form, similar to the phantom limb phenomena discussed before, but purposeful and self induced.

As a mental or spiritual exercise clear your mind, and visualize the form of your association overlapping your human form, with all its minute details, the limbs the traits, a tail if one exists, horns, fur scales, what have you, if it is a different gender then of course visualize the obvious, but overall take on the form imaginary or spiritually and see how it feels.

It is an interesting and fun exercise to shift between your physical and spiritual identities, as well, try to get into the mind or instincts of the form, the actions and mannerisms, have fun with it.

But just like in all things, this is just a little toy, a spiritual exercise with little to no physical basis, obviously moderation and balance is key, don't go off the deep end or do something stupid in result, stay well and have fun.

Psychological alternative to guides:

Before I continue with this question, as well as the greater question of possible psychological alternatives to otherkinism in general, I must add an obvious disclaimer that I am just some kid with a computer, I am not a professional in mental health nor am I in anyway an authority on the matter, I don't know what the hell I am talking about or what I am doing, I will just be pointing out what seems like common sense explanations as best as I can determine, I am not an expert, this is all just personal opinion.

As I had stated in earlier writings, sometimes otherkin will be visited by what can best be described as sentient external or internal consciousness during the course of their awakenings. Not always, but it happens for some, and occurs either through personal effort to call such entities forth, or by random chance.

For the purpose of disclosure, In these writings I may write with a slight bias, as I was once such an individual and have had experience with these types of entities. (or mental states depending.) My guides consisted of a green dragon called, Jafira, and a yellow dragon I called Veltra. I, perceiving myself to have been the reincarnation of a dragon known as Korageth, had simply assumed that Jafira and Veltra were other dragons that I as Korageth had met in life. My own experience with these possible spirit guides is a complicated story best saved for another time.

Often times, these supposed guides or spiritual companions will communicate as separate sentient minds, personalities, or thought processes within, but separate from, the individuals own conscious thoughts. Overall these additional consciousness are similar in nature to what are often assumed to be imaginary friends, only these entities are often more useful tending to be self aware and portraying a more mature and useful demeanor. From my own experience they provide a powerful source of assistance, support and companionship to the individual experiencing the phenomena.

In regards to the possibility of spiritual guides or companions, the two most obvious alternatives to the spiritual explanation are both quite simple. I would assume that the primary school of thought regarding those of us otherkin who claim to have contact with spiritual companions is that we are in fact falling prey to delusion and simply do indeed have some form of imaginary friends that we have never grown out of.

It is easy to pass spiritual guides off as imaginary friends, as much like I stated above, they serve all the purposes and needs that imaginary friends would traditionally be known for, companionship, assistance, moral support, and so forth.

Another explanation may be the possibility of multiple dissociative personality disorder, where someone may have created alternate sentient personalities which they can alternate between or communicate and associate with. Both the explanations of multiple dissociative personality disorder, or the imaginary friend theory can potentially be associated with other aspects of otherkinism and the possibility of escapism, be it conscious or subconscious.

This has just been a brief look at the two most likely alternatives to the spiritual explanation, As stated earlier I am no expert on this, I just used what seemed like common sense explanations, I am sure there are many more alternatives as well which I have missed, as well I likely have a butchered or skewed understanding of multiple dissociative disorder, perhaps you should check into it to be sure I was not being stupid in my writings.

Overall though, I am not here to debunk anything, I just wished to briefly give equal time and balance to both the alternatives as well as the spiritual explanation. We can not be honest with ourselves unless we have at least looked at, or considered both sides of an equation and then determined for ourselves what is right for us on a personal or individual level. All are entitled to their paths and beliefs. It is up to you, the individual, to consider both sides and choose what is right to your perceptions and beliefs, find your own truth.

Psychological alternative to being otherkin:

To create all of these writings it would be biased and dangerous not to at least keep an open mind to the obvious psychological alternatives. As far as society is concerned we are all confused or unstable in some form, spiritually or otherwise, and as hard as it may be to think such, we must at least to some extent keep an open mind to the idea that we may be wrong.

(Escapism) - It could be possible, that for some of us, our claim to otherkinism is the result of a subconscious or conscious need to escape from the pains or responsibilities of this life, that for some of us who have lived harsh existences, or have low faith in humanity, we may simply desire to relate to something other then human.

In result we may have created a false reality or belief system to elevate us to a different level. While justifying such actions in spiritual terms, we subconsciously may be striving to relate to another form other then human simply to escape the pains that we experience as humans ourselves.

(Ego) - As well, either consciously or subconsciously, it may simply be our ego's. Some of us may have formulated our beliefs as a means to combat low self esteem or poor self image, feeling that if we could identify as something more powerful or magical, we could fill a personal void or strengthen our personal self image.

For some it may very well just be a power trip, that as we are otherkin, perhaps it gives us a false sense of pride in the idea that we are different and special, we are something magical in a world of mendacity. We are superior because we are not like them who exist in mendacity around us..

(Desire) - For some, perhaps it is just a desire to be something that they relate to. Somebody may see Draco from Dragonheart, or Saphira from Eragon, and think, “I wish I could be a dragon” and then through a strong desire to be like that creature, formulate a character or persona of similar design, create a back story and lay claim to the idea that he or she is that character or persona.

For some, otherkinism could just be a complex role play identity that has gotten completely out of hand, the subjects, falling into illusions and separating fact from reality while having such ideas negatively reinforced by group think brought on by others following obscure and foolhardy beliefs in irrational and improbable spiritual and philosophical claims.

(Delusion) - As well, for some, otherkinsim could always be the result of emotional and mental misinformation and false assumptions brought about by their own personal delusions and falsehoods in association to neural, hormonal or chemical imbalances in the brain. Overall there are countless ways for society and psychologists to call our beliefs in otherkinism or being trans-species a mental disorder.

The only thing that we can truly do to avoid such social assumptions about us, is to strive to personally rule out escapism, ego, and desire as factors in our beliefs while focusing on the spirit and logic, as we strive always to be honest and rational in our interpretations of our individual paths.

As well, we as otherkin should strive to live in a way that our beliefs do not negatively effect who we are on a social level, striving for maturity while continuing to seek to know ourselves in honesty to our perceptions and spirit.

As well, we must always be opened minded to the fact that we could be wrong, the possibility exists, but we cannot dwell on the negatives, all we can do is trust in our spirits and follow our hearts.

DragonKin: A Healthy Skepticism:

I am a bad influence on others, as a flowers and sunshine hippy with a very liberal view of spirituality and others self perceptions, I do not really call for logic or rationality, I am a spiritual perception enabler, self proclaimed king of the fluffers, (The Dragon Pope! “Rawr!” ^,=,^ ) thus, I encourage spirituality and magic be it real or simply self generated perceptions, I can be dangerous like that.

I said all that partly to be cute, but also to remind or alert you the reader, that I lean more towards spirituality and that anything is possible etc and that I am an enabler of perceptions be they real or false. I say such so that you can be aware of my own preconceived biases and know there are alternatives, that it is safe and sometimes important to be skeptical at times.

For the most part, you know whats best for you and your life, I don't wish too get heavily involved, to each their own. However, If you never did seem to have any memories or strong associations, or you just had a few subjective experiences but never came to anything conclusive or if you are considering yourself overburdened and stressed by possible perceived or subjective experiences while lacking any rational evidence It can tend to become quite the burden.

From an outside perspective a lot of draconity can be considered questionable at best, any outside observer who may hear of such things as “otherkin” would obviously be skeptical so its only natural that you the experiencer would be skeptical yourself.

But, it is in these times of questioning that separate the kin from those who simply perceive differently. there is nothing wrong with a healthy skepticism and questioning of ones understanding of self, its what prevents delusion. It is better to have lived a fantasy and discovered truth, then to have remained in a fantasy and never lived this life. In as such, for this text, things are different then my usual spew. Typically, I mentor newbies whom have stumbled upon my site, kids trying to figure themselves out, and typically, I tend to say to otherkin who are questioning, “stay the course, the truth will make itself known in time.” But lately I have come to learn that many are mature enough to handle otherwise.

So for yourself, listen. You may have had a long run with your beliefs, or just encountered them, you may have experienced friendships inside and outside of such beliefs that others in society could never know of, you may have encountered unique and exciting philosophies and the friends and experiences you probably have made will last a lifetime.

But in the end, otherkinism is an improvable subjective perception based on sensations and emotion, it creates a unique and enticing reality, but in the long run, it can be a distraction from this life, a life in a rough and unstable world that must be lived to the fullest.

That said, I say, if being otherkin is stressing you out or screwing things up, lay it to rest for a time, stay the course of humanity, the course that you are on, relieve yourself of the trials and dramas of the spirituality and simply relish in the sensations and memories of the past when desires demand. Carry on the associations and friendships made, but move on with life as it is and see where it goes. If things are meant to be otherwise for you, your spirit, the higher self, whatever, by its very nature will make it known in the future.

If nothing else, its just good to distance yourself from spirituality and look at things from an external lens for awhile. Many older otherkin have left their spirituality at one point, it was real, and came back to them years later. Many would agree that a skeptical break is healthy, it sets life in perspective. If you are a dragon or whatever, taking a break won't change that, but sometimes life needs your attention in the present, not the past. Reality needs your focus in the now, not on what might have been.

So yeah, its healthy to doubt, its healthy to take a break sometimes. Just remember to always remain true to yourself, and if you do such, everything will be as it is meant to be. If you should find in time that you were wrong, it is not the end, you can at least say that you have been through a lot and experienced a different take on things that most others would never have known, its a unique knowledge if nothing else. Regardless of outcome remember to always be true to your spirit!

I am always happy to meet new people so if you have something to ask, or just want to chat don't be afraid to contact me.


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