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    Jafira's Lair :: View topic - Don't hate society, Improve it! (2016)

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    Don't hate society, Improve it! (2016)

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    PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:35 pm    Post subject: Don't hate society, Improve it! (2016) Reply with quote

    "How come if you're a dragonkin who hates society for logical reasons, you get outcasted....? I know a few dragonkin who feel like we are just forced to bottle up our anger because the "calm" ways to release it don't work....
    - Anonymous"

    Although it may be painful to hear, the reason that dragonkin/otherkin/therians who hate society are outcasts, (regardless of how reasonable or logical the argument) is because others get frustrated hearing about it, it comes off as a form of whining. We are all presently born to human flesh, we are all part of this flawed society that we hate and we all have a personal responsibility to live within it and to succeed within it. Most of us understand that there is very little that can be done to change society from the bottom up and that it is a global problem that requires a global solution and a global effort. Correcting society requires a long term propagation of ideas, education, solutions and ideas, some of which may take generations to get to the end goal and better humanity.

    Most dragonkin/otherkin understand this fact and so begrudgingly seek to succeed within the societal confines that they were born within for the sake of their own futures and the futures of their friends, family, partners and potential offspring with the goal of ensuring that their life and the life of their progeny are peaceful. They work to live within the system while they use their skills, wisdom and opinions within the system to bring it down and to try to replace it with something more meaningful and superior to the present tribalist “me vs you” mentality of doing things.

    Since most dragonkin/otherkin/therians and people in general are doing their best to succeed within this system that they hate, with the goal of ultimately changing it from within, they can tend to get frustrated or upset when they encounter venting or criticism of society. It’s kind of like “Dude?! Don’t you think we already know?! Evil or Very Mad” One need only read the world news at any given moment to know that mans present society is collapsing and that all of humanity is but simple pawns to be distracted and needlessly pitted against each other while moneyed interests harvest power and control at the expense of the rest of the race. So they may get upset that you or others are reminding them of the obvious while they’re working on dealing with it individually.

    The thing is, we’ve all been born here and we’re all presently stuck here, so we know first hand that it’s a god awful situation, but we can only educate and fight within the system for now, we each need to do our best to survive and to succeed, so being constantly reminded that the problems exist just upsets some people when they may already feel powerless to do anything big and are doing their best alongside of countless others to do small things that will someday collectively become big.

    “We already know, quit dwelling on it, it’s annoying” and the like will be your responses when you bring up society’s failings because we’re all working to survive and improve the lives of ourselves and those around us together. They’ll feel like you’re just not fighting back realistically or that you are bringing down their own efforts and so they may be offended. The present consensus is that so long as we stick together we can eventually better our generation and the next and perhaps eventually by shear force of numbers take society back.

    Many of us believe and may explain that dwelling on the failures of the past or of the present can distract from the future. We already know that society has presently failed, but we believe that it can be better in the future if we learn to emphasize with each other and more importantly, relate to and understand our supposed enemies. At some point, try Googling the cities or people of an “enemy country” (for myself I tend to dwell on Russia and China, they’re amazing and beautiful countries) take a look at the vast cities or crowds and ask yourself, are any of those people your enemy, or are they struggling alongside and with us? Afterwards share your answer with those you meet. We’re a planet of 8 Billion mutant monkey’s, the majority of them are not our enemies and we’re all in this together so let no small but powerful groups or factions on this rock distract from the greater hope that we can someday fix this mess and turn things around. Remember, our children will someday own this planet as will our generation before them, it’ll take some time but we can fix this.

    We all know that society is a mess, but we must optimistically look at the long term and at how we can better the lives of ourselves and of our kin. We are dragons born as man, we can better this world each day so long as we share our magic and optimism, we’ll make this world work, just stay strong and fight with us! Twisted Evil

    As for venting the frustration at mans failings, this mathematical equation used to work wonders for me, at least back when I was a teenager - ( Linkin Park + Baseball Bat + a dead tree = Relief ) But today the normal stuff tends to work for me, music, incense, video games and getting out to a park or nature as much as possible. You have just got to do your best to find a means to vent, perhaps start with artistic expression such as writing, music, or drawing and then try to branch out from there until you find something that clicks which you can vent through? That or play the Fallout series and speculate on what can happen if humanity doesn’t get their act together in time to prevent their own needless self destruction.

    Lastly, the majority of all of mans present problems are in my opinion rooted in three concerns: A lack of empathy, A lack of education and an overabundance of strong emotions. If you could find a way to vent your anguish in a way that could seek to balance out those three concerns of man then you could better society gradually each day. One dragonkin/otherkin/therian or man cannot save the world alone, but we can all effect the hearts of countless viewers over the internet and of those we encounter each day over our lifetime and they can do the same within their own circles, so In all things that you do, remember to spread the virus of change, share trust and kindness willingly with those you can and let’s fix this world together by slowly changing and improving those we encounter each new day!.

    With each new day seek knowledge, have patience and balance in all things and in all things have introspective empathy, good luck and may life get better with time!

    - Jafira Dragon
    Jafira ~ The Tycosian Dragon Visit The Forum
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