The Stupid Pointless Stories

Together I and my friends took turns writing parts to a story, here are the results! 

This is what happens when you get four bored friends together and give them to much sugar!



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The Stupid Pointless Story! II

The heroes have just escaped a burning mansion where they were held prisoners of two witches now that their free they must travel back to town! Jafira takes a detour, I'm sure he'll be fine. Oh, wait he's back! What? A Ferby stole his magic popcorn? who cares! Oh, what the heck lets get it back. It's time to face our greatest enemy yet! The evil that is Bobo! Quickly to the invisible fortress! Er.. where's that? We'll find it somehow!

The Stupid Pointless Story III
Return of the Bobo.

The heroes Return! With new allies and skills! Nah, their as stupid as ever. They return to finish off Bobo! Even if it is just to steal his food! Oh crap, now the dragon has a stomachache. But I can't let that stop me! For the popcorn I must win! ..Er ..wait.. did I say popcorn? I meant for the world I must win! Yeah, Save the world then eat...or vice versa, I guess it doesn't matter. (We're to stupid to die!)

The Halloween Story

A Halloween story we made together. Jafira is outside one night messing around his stupid circle in the desert. He tried to open a gate to another world.. Well, he opened a gate! Just not to were he wanted to go. This town has gone to hell! Or has hell come to it? Zombies! It's time to save the world! (again) Quickly to Burger King!

Kyrla's Christmas Story!

A Christmas story by Kyrla, simply chock full of Christmas cheer for all ages! (Yeah Right!) our stupid hero's have survived everything from crazed furbies, to witches, giant robots, betrayal, zombies, multi dimensional invasions and so forth, but are they prepared to save Christmas? Will there be pie? and last but not least, where are the Mutant Reindeer?


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