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A collection of info on the places and people from the stories of our world.

Tycosa - Hidden Valley of The Winds


Prelude To The Tycosa Saga:

(Origin Mythos)

In another world known as Terraset, there was a war between mighty gods known as the mystics, the gods fought for land, as nature was their source of power, as the gods fought the planet withered and wilted, the mystics turned animals into warriors to fight, and enslaved humans as well. However one of the mystics hearing the cries of the planet, took his land, and cast up mountains around it, creating a pristine valley paradise shut off from the rest of the world.

As the mystics battled and the world decayed, the valley he had named Tycosa flourished. In time, the mystics begun to die out, and as they continued to fight, the peaceful mystic gathered the beast hybrids, dragons, and fallen warriors to live in peace within his valley free from the enslavement and war of his brothers. In time, one mystic came to power and destroyed the rest, his name was Kyambas, now, Kyambas alone in the barren wasteland of Terraset, was without power, yet within the Tycosian valley was the life and vitality necessary to revive the planet and give him strength.

A great war was fought, but with the aid of the creatures he had saved, and the nature of the valley, the good mystic was able to defeat Kyambas. During the battle the two canceled out each others power and became mortal. Their wars over and the planet battered and ruined. Hundreds of years passed and Terrasets history begun. Now the quest for survival in this new world begins, between the barren kingdom of Arconia and the hidden valley of the winds, Tycosa.



EMERALD WINGS: The Life of the Dragon Rashau

(Stand alone work- no chronology)

(Could be related to orphan Jafira)

I wanted to write a story entirely from an animalistic, instinctual and emotional perspective free of dialogue.

I had intended from the start to write this from a female point of view, and after a meditative period, determined that I would portray the life cycle from birth to death of a feral western dragon.

This story broke new ground for me, wherein it is my first short story to portray some mild sexual themes, nothing graphic, only implied, but you have been warned. Overall, this story is fairly bland, I wrote it simply as an experiment.

TYCOSIAN DREAMS V2: The Life of The Dragon Korageth.

(Re-creation of Tycosian Dreams Version 1. - Historical Finale)

Can serve as a stand alone work!

The old historical chronologies just try to piece together questions such as: "why no other dragons? where'd the ruined castle come from? "why no other wolf dudes?" and so on^^


Much like the accompanying story of Rashau, you will read here, a lifetime through a dragons eyes, and read of his perceptions, his pains, hopes, sorrows, life and death, the highlights of all, condensed here in a few brief pages.

Do not read on expecting glorious battles or tales of magic and gods, if those are your desires, then read Tycosian DreamsV1, or better yet, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Eragon, or some other popular works, as these writings will be simple and bland, only the perceived truth, the life and musings of a feral beast, you have been warned.



About The Tycosian Saga. 2002-2005

The Tycosian Almanac:

(Supplemental content)

The Tycosian Almanac contains a little extra information concerning the world portrayed within the above story, as well as further information regarding settings and landmarks within the tales.


(Supplemental content)

A page containing character information and further information about the stories, based off the perceptions of Korageth's understanding of that worlds history.


(Supplemental content)


This is the perceived language spoken by Justra during Korageth's lifetime, it consists of the words that Kora was able to comphrehend and understand.

This word list was created during the time in which I was writting Korageth's original biography, it was designed to represent the language spoken by the creatures and beings of the Tycosian Valley.

in short the entire language was simply designed to accompany the story of Korag's life,


(Supplemental content)

The "Tycosian Dragons" section contains information concerning the dragons of this aforementioned reality, within you will find basic information concerning such, obviously it has no barring on true dragons from mythology but is rather my own personal speculations of the dragons of that world.


The Tycosian Saga Stories


The Battle of The Mystics

(Prelude- origin mythos - Part 0)


The Battle of the Mystics is the creation story of Terraset, mentioned in the above prelude. However, as I have been writing my stories backwards from end to beginning, This story is not yet done.

The Clan Wars

(Tycosian History Part 1.)

After the battle of the mystics, dragons saved from the wars and protected within the valley had begun to over populate, tensions grow and the two clans must separate for survival.

The Legend of King Wakaris

(Tycosian History Part 2.)


Hundreds of years after the battle of the mystics, the animal hybrid race of Tycosians exists peacefully in the center of their valley within the walls of their city Cycanthra, meanwhile outside of the valley in the wasteland region of Arconia human scouts are seeking new lands and resources for their survival.

Lead by fate through a cavern to Tycosa, they are welcomed guests, but the Arconian king has better plans for the newfound paradise.


The Tycosian Chronicles

(Tycosian History Part 3.)


After weeks of being under siege from the Arconians the leasership of Cycanthra is in shambles, The citizens of the city have beheaded their former king Wakaris, and his son Terado is now in charge of the Tycosian council.

While they watch from the grand tower as their defenses begin to fall and their citizens flee the city, a mysterious cloaked figure appears, known as the prophet darkclad, and rumored to be a mystic, he sends the finest of the warriors to seek the last of the dragons.


Tyraku's Story

(Stand Alone)

(Light relation to Veltra's history)


Unknownst to many, the decendants of the wind dragon clan lived within a cave complex upon the Sycala mountain range of Tycosa, however due to human incursion towards their hunting grounds their is intense tension.

Two young dragons Tyraku and Calako's plot to begin a war against the humans of Arconia, the plot however is discovered and Tyraku is used as a scapegoat, banished into the wilderness, he is forced to live and work among the humans he once despised.


The Exodus

(Stand Alone)

(Light relation to Veltra's history)

Tyraku and the peaceful wind dragon clan must flee an army of dragon slayers in search of a new land of prosperity, the land that their ancestors had migrated to in the distant past, they fly by night and hide by day while the Arconian fleet remains in chase.

The Battle for Tycosa (Tycosian Dreams V0.)

(This is my very first story ever written, based loosely off a dream of my death as a black dragon, it's over the top and silly, a more serious recreation can be found below)

(Prototype: Historical, Part 4. Finale)


My first story ever written, it was written in script format in about half an hours time, and explained the final battle for the Tycosian valley. For a full description please see below.

Tycosian Dreams V1

(Historical, Part 4. Finale)


After many generations, the Tycosians have forgotten their history and reverted to a more native lifestyle of tribal life, however one decendant of royalty knew the truth, in search for the ruins of his cultures past, he came upon a dragon egg, this dragon, was Korageth.

Korageth grew to partner and aid this Tycosian, the two found the ruins of Cycanthra, where from Kora begin to explore his world, however, the Arconians had not forgotten the valley, and history was about to repeat.





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