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Korageth Nivano Nightwind

Korageth was my first perceived dragon aspect, realized at the early age of six, yet officially recognized and named in 1997 Korageth is perceived as a black western style dragon.

Korageth's Spiritually Perceived Biography.

(Primary Spirituality)


Jafira Trias Sunstrike

Jafira, whose name would later become my online identity was first perceived one summer late 1999, Jafira was perceived to have had the appearance of a young green western style dragon noticeable red mane and playful disposition.

(False Persona)



Veltra Sivala Skyburn

Veltra was first perceived in early 2000, he was believed to have had the appearance of an older, dark yellow western style dragon, and tended to be more intellectual then the other persona Jafira.

(False Persona)





Rashau Seriana

Rashau was discovered or theorized upon reading the results of a seven page document that I had written to my self while in a meditative trance in the year 2008, Rashau is perceived to have been a possible female dragon incarnation which I may have existed as prior to life as the dragon Korageth. Her appearance is similar to Jafira's in being a green dragon with red mane.

Rashau's Spiritually Perceived Biography,

^Trance induced

(Possible Alternate Incarnation-unconfirmed)



I originally had three dragons. Jafira, Veltra, and Korageth, later in time, I determined that only one (Korageth) and later Rashau were spiritually legitimate, the remaining two "dragons" were assumed to be aspects of my personality, higher self, or psychological dissociative identities portrayed as sentient dragon persona's within my minds eye.

Veltra was an analytical segment of my self and Jafira was an extroverted aspect of my self, In short I was psychologically segmented and it represented itself through my spirituality.

That is the best explanation I have at this point in my understanding.

Notes Regarding My Dragons and Site.

Disclaimer: My dragons are nonexistent in any physical form nd I make no assertion that they entirely exist spiritually or otherwise outside of my own conscious mind and perceptions. Details regarding them are subject to change as more is learned.

Tycosa: Tycosa was a large valley paradise that I would often dream about or fantasize of when I was younger, it was later used as the setting for my fictional stories and the supposed homeland of my dragon persona's.

Terraset: Terraset was the name given to the fictional home world in which Tycosa would be found.

The Tycosian Language: The Tycosian language was inspired one night many years ago. I was probably around the age of twelve when I first wrote them, I begin to generate words and their translations I had two pages, however one was lost, that which remains I put on the site. I make no claim of validity for the Tycosian language, it was simply the ramblings of a child.

My Stories: The stories are fictional based off of Terraset and Tycosa. My first story, the battle for Tycosa was supposed to be an exaggerated biography of life as the dragon Korageth and was based off of a sequence of dreams, for example the death of Korageth. Other scenes from the story like the appearance of Veltra, Jafira, the Lycona woods, and the great falls were also inspired from dreams not to mention the tower and certain scenes in different stories.

The story titled "Battle for Tycosa" was later revised as more was learned, and rewritten as "Tycosian Dreams" And was later rewritten once again under "trance" in 2010. Rashau's story was written under "trance in 2008" Regardless, as my actual knowledge is limited controversial and basic, these "trance" stories remain fiction and fantasy alongside the others, nothing more.




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