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This page consists of letters and forum posts in which I had shared advice in the past.

Each article was subjective to its specific scenario and many were written in different periods of my own spiritual development.

Everything that I write consists of naive subjective opinion.

Results may vary.


Most of the writings in these pages were copied from old letters or posts on forums, many were subjective to the topic or problems being discussed amongst individuals at the time and may not necessarily be helpful.

Most of the writings here are just kept for personal record and are public only in hope that some may find incite or alternate views in skimming through them. For more in-depth Advice or information regarding draconity, I would advise skimming through my Draconity guide.


Jafira's Draconity Guide

This section is designed to act as a guide for dragonkin and discusses ideas, concepts and speculations regarding the idea of otherkinsm.


Jafira's Draconity

This section just discuses my own draconity and otherkin beliefs, explains my prior incarnations, my early awakenings and the likely faulty spiritual and philosophical logic that I use to justify said beliefs.



Am I Otherkin? (2015)

An Advice letter that I had written regarding it was safe or not for the reader to identify as otherkin.

Can I be Otherkin If I have no memories? (2015)

This is an advice letter that I had written in regards to the question of wether someone could be otherkin without any obvious associated memories.


Skeptisism, When it's time to move on. (2015)

This is an advice letter that I had written in regards to the possiblity of falling out of faith in the concept or belief in otherkinism.

Otherkin Shifting (2015)

This is an advice letter that I wrote explaining my own personal past experiences regarding otherkin shifts of the spiritual and mental variety.

Otherkin Self Moderation (2015)

This is a brief article that I posted to Tumblr regarding the otherkin communities need for each individual to self moderate they're own beliefs in an introspective fashion

Identifying As Otherkin- A Balanced Viewpoint. (2015)

A followup to my Otherkin Self Moderation post that I had written for the tumblr otherkin community.


It's Okay To Doubt (2014)

This is an advice letter that I wrote explaining that it is natural and fine, possibly even encouraged at times, to doubt that one might be otherkin.

Jafira's methods to connect to spirit (2014)

This is an advice letter that I had written in regards to the question of how somebody could become more spiritual or better connect to their own personal spirituality.


General Otherkin Advice- Memories, Past Mates, Social Acceptance (2013)

An Advice letter that I had written regarding understanding otherkin memories, loyalty to past mates and wether society would accept otherkin in the mainstream.

Jafira's Trance State Method (2013)

This is an explaination of my personal meditation method.


Advice on Guides and Nature (2010)

This is a copy and paste of a letter that I had written to a dragon kin friend who had recently discovered that his dragon guides, whom he perceived as separate entities, may had actually been extensions of his own spirit, the individual was also going through some difficult stresses in his life.

In as such, I advise him from my experience with my old dragon guides, Jafira and Veltra and move on to encourage him to seek comfort in nature, art and music.

Advice Regarding multiples and Phantom Limbs (2009)

This article was copy and pasted from a forum post that I had once made regarding an individual having phantom limbs and having multiple dragon guides or alternates

Other Advice etc.

Advice: For Those on Hard Times #1 (2008)

This is just a basic article written from experience of my own hard times, it is not meant to be aggressive, and is written to act as emotional support for those who may be going through hard times in their present life.




Advice For Those on Hard Times #2 (2011)

This was copy and pasted from a dragonkin forum discussion regarding why otherkin are forced to live here. The topic degraded when a member posted about his life of hardship.

I acknowledged that life on this planet does suck, but I then moved to encourage him and others to try to change their attitude on life and work to find the good in this world. (Just the usual overly idealistic happy feel good nonsense I usually spew out.)


Advice For When Life Sucks and Your Doubting (2011)

In early 2011, I had received a letter from a newly awakened who was frustrated with how hard his life was and having to hide his beliefs on being otherkin.

I wrote him a letter of encouragement in the hopes that if I shared my life experiences on the matter, it would help him to see that everything would improve in time and life needn't be so bad.

Arrogant Dragons (2004)

Written by Mojo-Lahojo, this speech is against those whom may choose to use their dragon beliefs to proclaim themselves superior to others.





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