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Welcome to my poetry section! My poetry is very weird very odd almost always written from my dragon's point of view so before you go any further let me just say... 



Story Related Poetry:

Title: Tycosa

Day by day I stare I stare---day by day I fear I fear---am I normal am I sane --- am I different or just the same---but with visions of glory and power---from high atop my lofty tower---with friends with scales---and real long tails--- glistening wings and shiny things---they live in forests with hidden falls---from which I hear the creatures calls ---in a hidden valley with mountains like gold---should my story not be told---of a place called paradise---or should it be more precise?

Title: Fallen Flames

Jafiris of the woods---Veltraz of the wind---Koragus of the night---guardians of Tycosa unite---we shall reveal our might ---yes not one but three are here---you do not run? you should fear..---you've had your fun----the game is done----for what once was three are now one---we fell in battle---with magic ablaze---but with one fatal flaw in all our days---when that sword pierced--- a dragons bane!--- and we died the same---we fell as hero's but knew we were zeros--- cursed to be born to this jungle---whilst are homeland crumbled---we can only remember--- the peaceful days of yore long before the war.

Title: The Trinity

We are the trinity, three in one you see?--- We were the heroes of our world--- but we lost in battle now were up the creek without a paddle.---We're new to this land please give us a hand.--- There are others like us but none other has three--- what makes us special why can we still see?---was it fate a second chance after failing the last?--- now were here having a blast--- We look up to see unknown stars--- this world is so different from ours--- will we go back will we return?--- No there's still more to learn--- so I'll stay and go play--- life's a game anyways! I'll always be me and those who are real will always see.

Title: Dragons

Do we exist are we real?---one thing is for certain---- are actions show are true forms---and thus we shape are world---are dreams will keep us living---and hatred will not kill us--- we fly on wings of hope---and we can learn to cope---within this world real or not---we won't always stay the same ---alas our memories will remain---so I will not lie we can never die!

Title: A Story is A World

You say I can not write, you say I am a blight but soon you'll see the truth and then you'll have your proof!  You may not know my name you may not like my words but even still we're just the same we all must make our worlds.  A story is a life and they are not the same. Just wield your pencil like a sword and make your dreams come true. Some may be indifferent others will think the same but the truth is you are not to blame, fore one land can not be perfect at least not to all... no story is right for all and each one has a flaw! that is why there different that is why there made. A story is a world and each one has a life each one is different and each one shines it's light.

Title: The Hidden Path 

There is a time, there is a land, there is a place made by my hand a world of life a world of death, a place were elves can dwell and dragons growl a land of mystery and intrigue this hidden world within my mind is not that hard to find just open your heart and an eye seek the hidden path and try. Find the key to the past it doesn't have to be fast... Just remember the days before your troubles when life was fun and you blew bubbles find the little one within and soon you'll see the reward you win.

Title: My Tycosa

(The Memory of my homeland.)

Tycosa...- My Tycosa hidden valley of the winds - whose lucent clouds shone with beauty and brilliance...- My Tycosa who's great falls fed our home and quenched my thirst.- My Tycosa whose once great woods held home to magic and elves. - My Tycosa whose great forests lie without equal in beauty and grace. - My Tycosa whose great rivers fell from mighty falls - and fed the lake of Kelona which itself nourished the land and it's creatures. - My Tycosa who's vast plains spread for miles - wielding great herds of magnificent beasts beyond the eye of man.- My Tycosa whose great tower once stood the symbol of pride and peace within the center- The center of paradise.

-My Tycosa whose vast mountains circled and concealed our home our valley of dragons and magic! The great mountains of Sycala, Those snowcapped peaks - without equal in majesty surpassed only by the great mountain of Tyfone - whose winds whistled songs of peace - always countering the mountain of Calakos - whose caverns were home to dragon hoards and treasures unknown. - My Tycosa hidden valley of the winds - how can you not be real knowing the way I feel.

- You must exist in someway though impossible to show I still in some sense know - and I shall find you someday. - My hidden paradise born and lost through dreams - you will live forever in my heart and mind. - Someday I'll return, - someday I'll comeback - your proclaimed guardian - your protector - and your friend. Korageth Nightwind.

The Finality of Who Jafira is:
*More so a speech then poem*

Who am I really?

I am someone who loves fantasy, mystery, life and the paranormal, someone who explores the great wilderness and strives to be different from everyone else, defies society as it is, flaunts his uniqueness in public, believes in energy and magic, while traveling everywhere to the sound of amazing new music. One who helps good friends and strangers to the detriment of himself, cares not for the perceptions of others, and lives each day as if it were his last.

Someone from another world and another life, an alien mind, a dragon lost in a world of man, desperately trying to fit in while not losing himself, someone who connects with other dragons of his past for guidance, Jafira for his youth and playfulness, Veltra for his wisdom, and intellect, as well as his past perception Korageth for his strength pride and will! I am someone who isn't afraid to play with the forces of the unknown, or seek his own path in life.

Someone who will climb the highest peak and gaze down in awe at Gods great creations, one who seeks to enjoy the peace of nature, and explore unknown areas in search of new adventures that others believe cannot possibly exist, one who spends his free times studying lost knowledge in the tops of forest trees in a hidden oasis in the desert, far from civilization, free to be with creation and the beauty around him.

Someone who has lived his life with much pain and suffering and has learned to always persevere for the greater reward, someone who has seen his past demolished and heartbroken can still look to the future bright eyed with the knowledge that his past was good, someone who has been hurt and alone and though weary to give his heart, can truly appreciate the warmth and undeserved love that a relationship can give.

A writer who writes tales of the world he believed to be his home, the creatures he wishes he could meet again, his characters sacrificing their lives always for the benefit of the greater good, an artist at heart who though lacking of his own skill can see the deep heart, individual skill and effort in the artwork of others, cherishing the work placed in each stroke. A poet in the darker depths of his mind, and one given to long speeches to no one but the spirits and nature around him.

Someone who had cloaked himself in darkness because no one showed him the light, a simple man, who wants nothing more then a simple life, a peaceful life to follow his dreams, to fulfill his ambitions, to rest, to sleep, to love, to be loved, and to sit upon the mountains with his friends and love ones, watching the blazing sunset in the distance, and learning to rest happily with those he can love and trust. Nothing more.

That is who I am...

Hybrid Spirit:

I am Korashau, I am the grace, whose mane flows in the cosmic winds, my black scales glisten in the light of the stars, green tinted scales cross my form as plains of nature cut through the night, my eyes, blue as the sky, green as the glade, my wings the blanket of the heavens, my fur, my mane, the tuft of my tail, soft strands of crimson silk. The world's in my claw, the heavens my realm, I am spirit, I am all things, I am male, I am female, I am alive, I am dead, I am all knowing, I know nothing, I am love, I am hate, I am legend, I am fact, I am dragon, I am man.

I am the circle of life, elliptical eternity, the beauty of all things, the experience of life, the feral beast who knows love. I am the winged serpent who lives as man, balanced in nature and teacher of the inner light, for we are all one, encompassing spirit lost but found, living yet dead, we seek the path to understand. Life is to live, life is to love, all else is lesson.



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