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  1. What was AFD?
  2. Why build a N-Afd?
  3. What are the CSF's
  4. Who is going to build it ?
  5. How will it be different?
  6. Do you have permission for this?

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What was AFd?

AFD stands for Alt-Fan-Dragons or Altfandra for short, it was  one of the first and possibly largest dragon communities online, centered around a newsgroup it flourished for many years and abruptly disappeared late 2001, after it's disappearance Dragons Must Be Here using the site recovery project built an archive of Afd currently available on his site -

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Why build a new Altfandra?

Although dmbh rebuilt the original afd it can not be updated, considering the content is about three years old now, most of the links and such no longer function, in addition, in AFD's prime it had many supporters with messageboards newsletters webrings chats, etc which were more or less abandoned upon the sites disappearance, most of these sites, i.e the webring Chat and messageboard are still online today, If a New updatable version of Altfandra were made it would once again resurrect attention to these communities and sites, but not only that, I want to apply new advances to the new afd such as member journals and galleries, If possible I'd like to sistersite with the current dragon communities and once again make Alt fan dragons the center of dragon society.

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What are the CSF's?

When I first explained my idea for a N-Afd to my friends we thought up an idea to mirrior sister site content directly on the N-AFD site, and call them community shared features (CSF's) well, you could imagine many people wouldn't be to excited to surrender their content and coding, so we decided instead to feature links to those selected contents on the owners site, The Community shared features name sort of stayed. We did decide however that if anyone would like their content mirriored on New altfandra we would keep the option available.

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Who is going to build it?

The original plan for the construction was also pretty far out, basically we were going to ask or possibly pay volunteers to build the N-AFD, that seemed very unrealistic even stupid when you got down to it, so instead we searched around and tried to find someone who could code the site, it was around this point that there was an argument in the group and I decided to build the site myself, I am planning to build a prototype in html and then when I am happy with it's appearance I will make a final stage using postnuke and hopefully have member journals, galleries, and article/literature submissions I also plan to host it, constructing it on my server and moving it to another when it is complete. Considering my poor skill at php coding etc I am hoping to find a partner or two who could help in it's final construction.

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How will N-afd be different?

I don't want to just build another community, I want it to be as much like the original afd as possible, when you click on a link it'd give you the content of N-AFD and a variety of offsite links to similar topics,  it will still feature links to the original Dalnet #AFD Chat, and the current AFD messageboard, a second forum will be constructed for the N-afd, also a banner for the original afd webring would be featured on the main page.

In short it would have the original afd content only updated, broken/old links would be replaced by newer ones. the site will still focus attention to the afd newsgroup, the sketch of the week will begin again, But, the site will be different in the since that it will now have features that weren't available at the time of afd, features such as the journals article submissions and member galleries.

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Do you have permission for this?

Not at all... I need to first attempt to contact existing phantom, (I don't think it's possible) next I'd have discussions with Adam of dmbh considering he is running the archive of the original afd. I would also need to contact whoever is running the afd EZ board Forum and see if he/she is interested, nextly I'd contact those in charge of the web-ring etc. after the essentials are out of the way I'd contact sister site admins and ask if it would be possible to link directly to their content (or if not that, their sites) through the CSF links. After that is done I would ask if any of them would be interested in sister siting with N-afd (when complete) this would allow for more traffic to a variety of sites. After the basic's and essentials are taken care of, I will hunt down older sites associated with afd in addition to some new sites and ask if they would like links on the site, lastly I'd commission artists to draw up graphics for the N-afd. When everything is completed all the permissions and such that I got would be viewable in the credits section of the site.

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