Project NEO

Building The New Altfandra

On a scale from one to ten, ten being the best, I give this idea a 5. It's an unrealistic idea and I know that, But it's one that's worth suggesting.

Regardless, as of this point I note that I do not have the resources or abilities to create such a project, I will leave this page up as a possible design or inspiration to future webmasters and for others to speculate upon.

All Images are Copyright/property of their respective owners.

(This project is no longer a goal, it has been accomplished through the existence of Dragons Valley and variety of other sites, as well as the networking and word of mouth transitions between the different dragonkin communities, this project is ancient and obsolete, not longer feasible and so on, overall, it was Cancelled and forgotten. Regardless it still exists as the ramblings of an idealistic newly awakened kin.)

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N.A.F.D Project NEO

The Goal: To Build a New Altfandra website to act as the center of dragon society. It would Resurrect the original Afd community with links to features and useful content of our current communities. If built it would attempt to unite all of dragon society together.

The New AFD: The New AFD (N-AFD) If built, would attempt to unite dragon society by acting as a heart or center. it would link with Sister sites and smaller communities and provide access to specifically selected content from major communities in one convenient location, These would be called Community Shared Features (CSF's) for example links to "Find a Dragon","Dracopedia's," "Name Generator," and "The Dragon Classification" system would all be provided in one location in addition to the url of it's Creators home. (permission to link to content would be requested from the webmasters(s) with all credits due.)

The New AFD would also contain Updated information from the original AFD site,  A new copy of the names of AFD, Also links to sites containing Draconity FAQ's and any other useful information.


   About The New AFD:

The Forums: Some dragon fans are simply searching for dragon information or have a great liking of dragons yet, may want nothing to do with the deeper aspects of draconity and otherkin. Therefore the new AFD would have two separate forums, one for basic casual discussions about Dragons, Mythology, Literature, Art and Roleplaying. And another forum for the more spiritual aspects of Draconity, Otherkin, Magick Ect.

(one AFD forum currently exists it would just need to be revamped/advertised. Then I would provide/construct a second one!)

Mouse from Sommerland and Tempest from D.R.A.G.O.N.S could both be possible applicants for providing general info on dragons.



Tysha from Tysha's Dragon Forum or Baxil from Tomorrowlands could both be possible applicants for gathering info and artilces regarding draconity in addition to possibly aiding in other content during the construction of N-afd


In addition to the two forums the #AFD Chat would be resurrected and available through Java support to those who do not already have a default chat program.


The AFD Newsgroup: There would also be links and info for the AFD Newsgroup so that we can begin resurrecting an interest in it.

N-AFD's- Community Shared Features (CSF)

AFD:    (Alt-Fan-Dragons)

CSF:   (Community Shared Features)

About the CSF's: The csf's are features which are useful for dragon society, We'd like to feature links to the content on the original site, another option which would be strictly voluntary is that N-AFD could mirrior or republish the content with all credits due to the original site/creators.

More Possible Uses for the N-AFD's CSF's: These are the CSF content which could be provided at NAFD

DMBH: Name Generator.


Draconomicon:-->Member Journals feature. (We would llike a member journal feature designed into the N-AFD site: similar to Draconomicons.



Draconic: A link to Draconic's Find a dragon could possibly be added to the New AFD.


Dragon's Empire:--> Links to Dragons empire's Dragon Classification could also be featured at the New AFD.


Tysha's and T-Sar-Goth's Dracopedias:--> Links to The encyclopedias of Tysha and Draconomicon could be added to make a complete and extensive view of everything draconic.

   <--Tysha's Dracopedia


The CSF's links would be provided to the new AFD with permission, and will contain appropriate Links and Credits to the webmasters and their sites.

(CSF content could be mirriored at N-AFD but participation would be voluntary)

Some things N-AFD could have built:

Links to membermaps could be available to the New-Altfandra,

For Example: The member maps could possibly work hand in hand with Find a Dragon and be useful in arranging local dragon gatherings,

(Members could possibly have preference between viewing DR's map or Draconic's)

Another nice thing to have would be links to Dragoncode Generator/Decoders- Dragon Realms/Dragons Empire.

And just for Fun: If possible New altfandra could feature links to Dragon color/personaility/Draconity tests.

N-AFD Galleries: The Nafd would hopefully have it's own Member Galleries with links to the galleries of the sistersites, much like those of Draconomicon and DMBH also included could be an improved version of the original AFD's Sketch of the week.  


CSF Galleries: The New AFD's galleries would feature Links to the available galleries of Sister Sites.


Articles and News: AFD members could have the option to submit Relevant News and Articles. (Article and News submissions would be Moderated)  Links to the news of sistersite could also be available.


Literature and Poetry: The New AFD could have a page were members can display there own Literature and poetry, links to story/article sites could also be submitted by Nafd's  members. (Literature/Poetry would be moderated.)   This would also link to the Literature sections of the sister sites.


Online Stores: The New AFD could feature links to Tysha's Online store, (Under Construction) Nukapai's online store, and J`Karrah Ebondragon's online store. Links to members Cafepress sites would also be included within these sections.


Dragon Web Directory: Aside from linking to the current Alt-Fan-Dragons directory, The New Altfandra would contain it's own dragon directories and would contain links to the available Directories of Sister Sites.

Draconomicons: Link Database

Dragons Empire: Link Database

Dragons Must Be Here: Dragon Directory

Draconic's: Link section

Dragon Mythology: Aside from links the N-AFD could possibly feature it's own dragon information sections! (Possible sources of dragon Mythology: Dragon's Empire, Circle of the dragon, D.R.A.G.O.N.S, Draconian,Ect.)


Dragon Information: Also included with the dragon mythology section there could be links to pages providing information on dragon, Anatomy, Taxonomy, Theories, Ect.

Fun And Games: This section would feature links to available dragon themed games and animations in addition to other dragon quiz's and dragon related entertainment such as Mucks ect.

  < --- Drakoja seems to have some of the above stated Animations/Games..

The Sister Sites:

Draconomicon,     Tysha's Dragon Forum,      Dragons Must Be Here,     Dragons Empire.

Other Sister Sites:

Draconic,           Nukapai,net     Dragon- Realms  .        Drakoja (?)

All of dragon society would hopefully have a center in the New AFD, All major communities would link to N-AFD and N-AFD would link back. Thus we would have a dragon  network- An entire online society for dragons, friends, and people to meet up and get together.

Monthly Contests:

Since such a large network could be disheartening to lesser sites it would be important to recognize the achievements of smaller dragon sites By use of monthly site fight contests.

 (Much like the Top site competition at DMBH's )

Likewise the forums could possibly have monthly contests to recognize the achievements of members: Art, Poetry, and Literature.

(Like the contests currently held at Tysha's Forum)

To increase traffic to smaller dragon sites the original AFD webring would be revived and made available. Also banners of members sites could possibly be displayed at the top of NAFD's homepage.  

Other Info:

I will try to fund / host such a site myself. as such a site might be expensive.
(Member donations could be accepted but not required or asked for

Since I do not currently have the Skills, or Knowledge, and also due to the amount of requested links/content credited to others I cannot build this N-AFD alone... When/If construction begins, some coding for the site would be appreciated, If possibly provided for through support by any Admins or members willing to donate time to the cause.

The New AFD could be designed by any who would be willing to participate in it's construction. It would be nice to comission well know artists such as J`Karrah, Jrrhack, or Dreatcheal help out with graphics or the design.

 The best possible applicants to help design/build such a site would be pretty much anyone with knowledge of PHP webdesign and some excess time to spare.

(side note: we will try to host the site and build/design it, but it'd be appreciated if others could help providing necessary coding / link support.)

No one would be required to submit links to their site or content - participation in N-AFD would be strictly voluntary.

All Images are copyright/property of their respective owners.

Disclaimer: Construction of this site has been halted, nothing has been begun and I am incapable of creating it at this time. If anyone wanted to create such a thing they would need to discuss many things with admins and supporters of the original afd before the site could begin construction. I say this because many people are proud of their sites and would not want their hard work shown on another place. In addition many people, are tied for time and could not work on such a project.

 In short: There would be Many things to work out first before even thinking of such a thing.

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