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 About Korageth Nightwind.


Korageth first appeared to me as a sort of mental companion, rather then an imaginary friend, a voice within my mind whom I would speak with and discuss life, from the age of six until later years he was only that. Around the age of thirteen I realized our relationship was not normal, questioning his existence did not cause him to vanish, in time his voice begin to be associated with a mental image of a black dragon and it was determined that it was his form, if he had such.

His name was obtained through a recurring dream, as well as deeper questioning and exploration into the reasoning of this foreign consciousness. He exists within me to this day and guides me with my decisions, his personality is separate from mine and tends to be a bit arrogant, prideful and loose tempered, in past questionings of Korag's purpose and existence, it has been strongly perceived and theorized that my spirit is a reincarnation of Korageth.


Despite the stylized pictures below, Korageths appearance was that of an average dragon, he had black scales, was western in appearance, and average size, his eyes may have been green with a yellow tint, his belly scales are believed to have been a light gray, and his form that of a young adult. The frontal spine which gives him the punk appearence is NOT canon, it just looked good and added flavor when I tried to draw in my early spiritual development. I as Korageth was just a generic black western dragon, I had no unique features.


If the reincarnation theory is to be taken into account, then in life Korageth could be considered very different from his heroic fictional representations within my stories.

In regards to Kora's "spiritually accurate life", it is believed that he lived the life of a a nomadic dragon, had obtained a mate near the end of his life, and was well settled in a secluded valley similar in appearance to the fictional Tycosa.

It is firmly believed due to a recurring dream, that Korageth was slain at night outside of a ruined stone building, after having been ambushed while sleeping inside the building.

It is also firmly felt that he had died alongside a humanoid wolf companion or partner whom had been murdered coming to his defense. The fictional stories on my site were based mostly around aspects of those recurring dreams.

For those who don't believe, Just remind yourselves dragons don't exist.   ^,=,^





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