Jafira's Dragon Shrine Collection 2011

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Jafira's Dragon Shrine Collection 2011

I originally had 50 pictures, I cut it down to nearly half.



Front view of Jafira Dragons, Dragon Shrine (2011)

Jafira's Dragon Shrine As Seen From Above

A Close up of the center piece, the dragon has a flamed shaped christmas light inside the globe and he is wearing my lucky pendant.


Plasma Lamp on the far Left side of the shrine, note a large obsidian stone behind its wings.

There are assorted Crystals held in a dragon ashtray and some candle holders, the crystals consist of amythest, citrine, and quartz.

Here is a close up to show the detail of the Green Dragon Statue next to the crystals.

Note there is another set of crystals along the opposite side of the shrine, along with a penny hoard and an incense burner.

A top view of the right side of the shrine, note there is a second plasma lamp. The pentagram box contains misc. herbs and white sage.

A This is a close up of some of the right sides dragons statues.

This is A top view of the far right side of the shrine, the dragoness/hatchling statue in the far corner is a music box.

Here is some detail and close up of the large green dragon, the wierd dragon head near its feet is a glazed clay whistle.

Here is A Close up of the dragon/hatchling music box

There is also a Godzilla Mask in this room, there are a couple of my swords included in this shot.

Across from the dragon shrine on the oposite side of the room I have a white dragon mask with assorted decorations.

Below is an old picture of me wearing the above dragon mask alongside my hooded cloak.


Next to my bed in the shrine room is a cabinet with two oversized dragon pocket knives, a crystal, a dragon plushy and my alarm clock.

DVD's: Dragon, Reptile and Fantasy themed movies are located on the top shelf, some other favorites are located on the lower shelf.

Assorted dragons, games, incense, and misc junk are located beneath the above DVD collections

Here is the rest of that corner of the dragon shrine room

The Roof of my Dragon shrine Room has a duo dragon tapestry.

This is A close up of the duo dragon tapestry that is located on the ceiling.

In the entrance of my dragon room I have a shelf with an assortment of dragons, two quartz pyramids, a candle holder and several metaphysical books, you may also note the crystal tip of one of my staffs is leaning against the wall.

Beneath the metaphysical books I have assorted books of a draconic relevance. disregard the conspiracy book, it just matched.

The entrance to my Dragon Shrine has a copy of my vechicle license plate.

The Entrance to my media room (Control Center) has a second "Jafira" plate.

In my "Control Room" I have a red Amphitere tapestry covering my window, note the hat on the right for perspective. Because the picture was taken at night, some of the vibrant colors of this tapestry have been slightly dulled, it is entirelly bright and epic.

Rawr, Jafira's Dino Robot Assassins! (and Ryuk..)

Click Below for pictures from my 2007 dragon collection, just different views and better details of specific items.




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