RANT: Why Dragons?

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:: Disclaimer: Most of these were just copy and pasted off of messageboards or from letters that I had sent, they remain unedited and may not be valid to your experience, the writings are just the views and opinions that I had expressed to others in the past.

Rant: Why Dragons?

(By Jafira)

That's it, now I'm mad, Guess what? Today I went to eat dinner with my family, and while I was there I showed them a bit of my site. Bad Idea. They made me feel like a complete and total idiot. With stupid questions like am I making money, why am I wasting my time, when am I going to grow up, and of all the stupid things in the world to base a site on, why dragons? Blargh!

Screw you guys. Let me tell you something! This site exists for a purpose! So that I can introduce a little bit of myself and my beliefs to the world in a fun environment and provide a sanctuary for individuals like myself to escape from individuals like you! My site is Not and never was designed to make money or to impress you! As for dragons, how stupid do you think I am?! I am pretty damn well educated! and I am sure as hell smart enough to realize that dragons don't exist!

I like dragons for several reasons, my spiritual beliefs, mythological references, the fact that every culture has a form of dragon lore, and for the plain fact that I simply find them to be awesome reptiles! Does that in anyway mean that I believe that they exist? No! Because any idiot can put two and two together, notice that there are plenty of dinosaur fossils but no dragon fossils and easily realize that human ancestors were simply confused by the skeletons they found, and as a result made up composite creatures to explain them.

I however do believe in New Age philosophies, reincarnation, multiple truths, infinite possibilities, metaphysics, and so forth! So I am open minded enough to believe that such things as dragons “May” exist in other dimensions or within spiritual realms. I do not and never did believe that dragons are real! My stories are fictional, Tycosian dragons are fictional, my dragon persona's are a result of my personal belief system, and if you don't agree with that, then they are fictional too!

As Well, don't you dare try to tell me that spiritual realms do not exist or other dimensions, because every world religion attests to a spirit realm and science has piling theoretical evidence for other dimensions. So I have justification in my Rights to believe in such! I have never in any section of my site made any assertions that Anything that I believe is real or solid fact! It's all a matter of belief!

That is why on my main page when you first show up it says and I quote! “This site was built mostly for fans of dragons if you don't believe in the possibility of dragons or lack an open mind you might want to assume I'm insane and leave now!” If you aren't opened minded don't hang around and criticize my beliefs! I am not going to change my mind and act “normal” just to make you happy, I will believe what I want and express my beliefs in a matter of my choosing. Don't you dare assume that I am wasting my time with my childish dragon site. I am building these things to express who I am, not to impress anyone! I don't want money for this, and I don't want to be offered money for this! I built this site for people like me who have enough individuality to be different, be themselves, choose to like what they have an interest in, and choose to follow their own beliefs no matter how out of the norm or naive they may be.

I built my sites so that others like me could know that they are not alone and have support! That is worth more then any money I could be earning. Helping others know that they are not alone is my reward. Flaunting my uniqueness, beliefs and interests in a mundane world is also my reward.

I am not naive or stupid! I knew that if I went against the norm I would be criticized, as will people like me, which is why we support each other and fight for who we are and what we believe in. I choose to be myself and express myself in any way I see fit. I like dragons, I believe in dragons and dammit I am a dragon! What? No? I'm not a dragon? I'm just some loser with a certificate in web design? Fine, that works too! Because you know what, I'd rather be a naive and stupid loser then someone I'm not!

I am Jafira Dragon! and if you think that I am insane that is your opinion! Try to lock me up! I could pass any psychological exam with flying colors because I am in fact quite sane. There are hundreds more in the world just like me, most even more hardcore then I am, and we are all normal. If not, then I personally think that you are equally as insane as we are! All of the world religions have strange, stupid, irrational beliefs!

I need not even explain the individual irrationalities of the worlds religions, but suddenly when I make a site concerning dragons as mythical, fictional, spiritual creatures, I am criticized by you for living in a fantasy world. Living in a fantasy world when your beliefs are equally flawed if not worse! If I can sit through the worlds collective irrationality without my head exploding, the least the world can do in return is ignore my irrationality and let me and people like me follow our own paths.

Just because somebody happens to think different from you does not make them inferior. Whatever happened to the concepts of free love and free expression? Whatever happened to embracing creativity and spirituality? Whatever happened to mutual understanding and mutual respect?

Unless you know who I am and what I stand for, don't you dare criticize me simply for expressing my interests and beliefs. I like dragons! If you think that's immature, gay, stupid, etcetera, then that's fine, you are entitled to your beliefs, I'm not trying to impress you. I'm trying to provide a service for people who do like dragons and have similar views. You are not my target audience, don't criticize what doesn't concern you. We are not criticizing you, so do us the same in return and leave us be, if we want to believe in dragons let us have our beliefs.

~Jafira Dragon

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