Jafira's Dragon

 Korageth Nivano.



Korageths appearance was that of an average dragon, he has black scales, spines down his back, two horns on his head and a spaded tail.

He is western in appearance and average size, his eyes are green with a yellow tint, his belly scales were a light gray and his form that of a young adult.

Korageth is just a generic black western dragon, he has no unique features but you are welcome to be creative.

You are free to use artistic expression, draw him in your style, artsitic liberty is yours have fun!


References below were drawn by various artists from Deviant Art:

All Rights to their creators, links are available below.






CLASSIC KORA: For many years, Kora originally had a cartoony punk spine protruding from his forehead, this feature was often added in the past as I considered his natural appearence to be plain and boring without it. In recent years it was abandoned as I out grew it in favor for realism.

Still, I like to see this form on occassion, feel free to draw classic Kora if you feel your art style would be more attuned to such, I also feel his old school form would be cute for chibi or more lighthearted images.

Jathara's Classic Korageth




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