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This section will contain theories and thoughts on dragons - both mine and opinions of others..


A Dragon's Body
(This first one is purely space filler, the good stuff is further down...)

The dragon's body.. A compilation of many species and animals combined into one ultimate creation, having never seen a living dragon and having only artwork and ancient descriptions to go by many have tried to explain the biology of a dragon. I know I'm no different, so here's my thoughts.

Going by accounts I have read in mythology an average western dragon would've been about twenty five feet long. and pretty tall too, I say that because I am unable to determine an appropriate height. It would have had a large wingspan and would've have been a glider much like the pterosaurs. Yes, I have a habit of comparing dragons to the ancient pterodactyls and pterosaurs.

It would be illogical for a creature of that immense size to flap it's wings like a birds, it would instead fly like a glider the wings could be flapped be not rapidly thus a dragon would most likely have hollow bones and a light body despite it's immense size. If the dragon was a glider it would probably live near mountains and cliffs of a large altitude so that departing for flight would be less struggle.

A dragon would be a carnivorous predator that would hunt much like a hawk circling from the skies, and upon finding suitable prey it would dive down and grip it in it's claws. If the prey were to large to lift the dragon would most likely deliver a deathblow by biting the neck. A dragon  would most likely hunt small prey which was light. An infant dragon would hunt small dogs or wolves, an older one would hunt goats and larger prey, an adult would most likely prey on cattle and large mammals. 

Due to the fact that they are described as reptiles they would probably be cold blooded and remain dormant during the winter. In mythology dragons colors weren't as varied as they are in today's literature but in any case I'll point out that most reptiles evolve to their environments and dragons would be no different thus a dragon living in a forested area would have developed green scales while a dragon living in a mountainous region could have yellow, tan, or copper coloring.

 Did / Do Dragon's Exist?

I used to be very actively involved in reading about paranormal stuff, for example, Ghosts, UFO's, Atlantis, Ancient Technology, Magick, and out right Paranormal Phenomena, Most of the time I was hoping to find things which could be remotely related to dragons out of all those studies  the most interesting things I found where tales of living dinosaurs, sea monsters, and the one which interested me the most, living Pterosaurs (Possibly Dragons still in Existence?)

 Anyway, the main thing  that I wondered was, could dragon's still exist today, after reading numerous books on Cryptozology (study of legendary creatures)  all I'd found was info on half a dozen sea serpents some supposedly dinosaurs in Africa and the Amazon and one story about a winged reptile spotted in Arizona in the late 1800's.

But I did discover the before-said rumors of pterodactyl sighting's in Texas in the late 1970's and some rumors of flying reptiles in African jungles. Please note that due to numerous circumstances none of these stories were ever confirmed, but it's still pretty interesting. Pterodactyls are extinct so if these stories are true what were people sighting?

Below is one story of a possible Dragon sighting in Arizona back in 1890:

(From the book- Mysteries & Miracles of Arizona by Jack Kutz. Ch. 14 Pg 239)

- On June 7, 1890 All of Tombstone was in an uproar when two cowboys rode into town with implements of skin from an enormous flying creature. The cowboys claimed to have won an epic battle against a giant flying lizard to back up their boast they displayed one of the monsters wingtips.

They claimed to have sighted the creature from a distance. There appeared to be something wrong with it for it would only fly a short distance then land panting. The two men on horseback pursued the monster for many miles with their Winchester rifles the creature then turned on them but owing to it's exhausted condition they were able to stay out of it's way and finish it off with a few good shots.

It had an elongated eel like body some 92 feet long It's two legs were attached to it's body in front of the wings. The 80 foot wings were of thick translucent membrane devoid of hair or feathers The head was about eight feet long with jaws thickly set with strong sharp teeth and giant protruding eyes the size of dinner plates.

Follow up investigation,
In 1997 a California based organization called the society for the investigation of the unexplained (SITU) took an interest in the eighty year old Tombstone Epitaph article. SITU wondered if there had been a follow up story, a check with several historical buffs revealed that there had indeed been a follow up article including a photograph.

The photo SITU investigators were told showed a bat like monster strung up against a barn with six men arms outstretched fingertip to fingertip to show it's size. The arm lengths of six men would be about 36 feet far short of the original 80 feet but still far larger then the wing span of any living thing that has flown since prehistoric times.

Living Dinosaurs or Dragons?

So, as I might of stated earlier, I'd came across a ton of tales about Sea serpents, The Ogopogo of British Columbia, The Lochness monster of Scotland, the Bunyip of Australia, Lakeworth serpent Texas, and a bunch more, although reading about all those was interesting, I seriously doubt they're dragons or even related to dragons, (yet you never know,)

Furthermore came the tales of living dinosaurs which, I think is getting a bit closer.. Let's start with Mokelembembe which is said to be a giant reptile in the dense jungles of west central Africa, It has been said to be seen often by native tribes drinking near watering holes.

Recent and past investigations had found many tracks and strange tales but never any definite proof, it (Mokelembembe) has been described looking like a Brontosaurus, but sense very few witness's have seen it's full form some of which may have been exaggerated.

Who's to say that a small clan of surviving dinosaurs (or dragons...) is not still surviving, in the uncharted jungles and wilderness far from the constructions and chaos of man?

The next example of a possible living Dinosaur (or dragon) is the Sirrush, (active researchers of dragon's would recognize this one) Around 600 BC carved into the Babylonian Archeway of the Ishtar gate were Giant bas reliefs depicting three animal's in different sizes and actions.

The row's alternated some showing lion's others Rimi's (a type of Oxen now long extinct for at least a 1000 yrs.) And then images of Sirrushes  (meaning Dragon) Apparently the Sirrush was considered real to the people of that era as it was portrayed along side other animals of that region, what happened to it, and why no remains have been found remains a mystery, Yet, before you write it off as a made up monster, read this:

The Apocrypha's book of Bel and the dragon relates a story that in the temple of Bel Lord oft the world, Nebuchadnezzars favored god, the priests kept a "great dragon or serpent" which they (the Babylonians) worshiped.

The king challenged the Hebrew prophet Daniel, who had been sneering about nonliving gods of brass, to dispute this god, "who liveth, and eateth and drinketh, you canst not say that he is no living god, therefore worship him." To remove himself from this quandary, Daniel poisoned the animal. (murderer...) (Source: a Book called - Unexplained by Jerome Clark Page 275)

Anyway, did you notice how the Sirrush was portrayed on the Babylonian gate with living (although now partly extinct) animals? and how in the same region they worshiped a living reptilian serpent/dragon? If dragons don't exist what the heck were the worshipping, A crocodile maybe? I doubt they were common, in that region I believe. So then what?

Dragon's, DragonKin, and Draconity

What is draconity: Draconity is the belief that someone is spiritually connected to a dragon in someway, either having been one (a dragon) in a past life or being connected to one in someway, sense I don't really plan on expanding much on draconity in this section (These pages are dedicated to giving reliable info on dragons, they are not about dragons from fictional stories nor about dragons online)

I wasn't even going to put it here at all, because it's more of a belief, but since draconity is primarily about dragons it's also applicable for this page (loophole) anyway, I won't be getting very deep into draconity so if anyone out there is interested further, there is a draconity Faq created by the dragon Baxil. Also visit Draconic.

Other Dragon Thoughts:

My other thoughts would be Uneducated and Irrelevant, I know to little to formulate decent theories at this time aside from the beliefs expressed in my stories and the dragonrant's section, but then those do not concern dragons of this physical world and therefore they too would be irrelevant. In other words my theories should be expressed when I have obtained enough knowledge to make them.

(More might be added soon.)

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