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(Wednsday, 1st 2005)

Not much has changed since that last update, but at-least I'm getting back in to the routine of updating this page again regardless of whether anything has changed or not.

Updates to the site.

Changes to Site: I Changes to the site, well lets see, I've updated the "My Dragons" Page, and added an old article about my draconic awakening, also updated the story pages design, and did some minor verbal corrections to certain pages.

Other changes: I've actually begun writing relevant articles in my live journal and have added my live journal on to the Dragon-Realms live journal community.

Featured Art section: . Well, I was very disappointed last month as I was suppoed to recieve both, A Flash animation, and an art request. The animation did not happen because the artist was to busy wasting time rping on a site called Gogaia and allowed her 30 Free trial of Flash5 to run out. The other artist I haven't heard from yet and I am still hopeful.

Community: Nothing new so far, but I'm planing to see what I can do about maybe obtaining some Dragon Smilies. No garauntes though.


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